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Exterior of La Quinta at 303 Blum, San Antonio

Desk/Work Area in my Room

Infamous La Quinta Shower Curtain!

Justin Bieber Greets Me at Macy's (River Centre Mall)

Sunset Station (Closing Dinner)

Horse Part of Horse Drawn Carraige

Talking to Mr. Ed

Only (Semi-Gay) Club in Downtown on Bonham Street


La Quinta Inn & Suites Pool at Night

Vintage Walgreens Sign

Downtown Walgreens

Stunning & Grand Lobby of the Drury Plaza Hotel

In the Lobby of the Hotel

Formerly the Alamo Bank, 24-story Skyyscraper

Renovated to Showcase the 50 Foot Ceilings

Travertine Flooring & Stained Glass Window Adorn the Drury Hotel

Artwork of the River Walk

A Gift from Berlin to the City for HemisFair '68

Best Western Lobby, In St Paul Square, San Antonio

I Was in San Antonio for the Best Western Travel Forum

St Paul Square Historic Area Near Train Depots

Train is a Coming

Railroad & Tracks (In Use)

City Scape

Abandoned Building? Haunted House?

Exterior View of Sunset Station

Restored Building

Fabulous Fairmount Hotel Lobby -
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