Car Cruise June 1 2012, North St Paul MN     
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Car Cruise, Street View

Car Cruise, June 1, 2012

Vintage Ford Mustang

North St Paul MN




Front Grill

Cars Lined Up

People Cruising the Cars

US Post Office, Mini Donuts & A Mustang



1970 Invoice

Young Balloon Animal Maker

Lots of Food

Car Cruise 2012

Friday Night Car Cruise

Cool Light

Picture of An Old Phone Taking with My Cell Phone Camera

Life Is Good, but it Cost $39.95



Antique Car - Antique Shop

Let The Cruise Begin

Sidewinders 'Nightclub'

Give Peace a Chance

VW Bus

Cute Shop

Crusing the Streets of North St Paul

Yummy Treats

Store Front Display

Ice Cream Treats!

Nightly Cruising

Neuman's Pub

Antique Mall, North St Paul
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