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Downtown Liberty NY Welcomes You

Liberty - Exit 100 from NY Rt. 17

Town & Country Antques - Open in Downtown

Vintage Signage

Downtown Liberty

Liberty New York, Catskills Area


Entrance to Grossinger's

Abandoned Building at Grossinger's

Mystery Drive at Grossinger's Resort

View from Downtown

Grossinger's Closed Forever in 1986

Near the Former Catskill Resort

A Home

Another No Trespassing Area

Budget Inn, Near Downtown Liberty

Budget Inn

Liberty Motel (Not Likely Open to the Public)

Vintage Motel Sign

Downtown Liberty NY

Frankel Hardware, Liberty NY

Lincoln Motel, Liberty NY

Retro Motel Sign - Color TV by RCA


Dilapidated Howard Johnson Inn

Howard Johnson - Once Famous Brand!

Entering Monticello New York

Broadway, Monticello NY


Travel Inn Monticello (Closed 2013)

Motel Door


"Strong" Downtown Monticello

Miss Monticello Diner

Downtown Monticello


An American City in 2014

Pride, Downtown Monticello

Downtown Monticello

Downtown Monticello Motel

Motel Close-Up

Pavement at the Apollo

Abandoned Apollo Shopping Center

99 East Broadway, Monticello NY
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