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Hotel DuluthTo the right, The Hotel Duluth, Duluth Minnesota.  The postcard description is as follows:  "Overlooking Lake Superior in the 'Air-Conditioned City' is Hotel Duluth, the finest and most modern hotel in the Arrowhead Region; 400 rooms with bath, Coffee Shop, Dining Room, excellent convention facilities and the famous Black Bear Lounge.  Below, from an old travel guide, an image of the Hotel Spaulding, Duluth.Hotel Spaulding








Clarendon Hotel, Daytona BeachTo the right, The Clarendon Hotel, Daytona Beach Florida. This hotel bares a remarkable resemblance to the Christian Admiral Hotel of Cape May, NJ. This is why I purchased the card. The image is from a postcard postmarked in 1932 and mailed to the Bittner residence of Melrose, Massachusetts.

After doing some research on the internet, I was unable to obtain any information about the hotel. I emailed several people with the local Historical Society and was delighted to receive a response. The hotel is currently operating as the Plaza Resort & Spa (current image to the left) at 600 North Atlantic Avenue. I called the resort and spoke to Katie in Sales. She was extremely knowledgeable and shared what she knew of the Former Clarendon Hotelhotel's history. The land it sits on was purchased in the 1880's. The developer first built a wooden hotel that burned to the ground in 1910. A second structure, some of which remains today was built in 1904. According to the historical society, the hotel has undergone major renovations and only the base structure remains today. For those with memories or more information about this century old hotel, please CONTACT ME.


Hotel Plaza, Jersey City - It's GoneTo the right, an unused postcard of "The Hotel Plaza", Jersey City, New Jersey. The postcard indicates that the hotel was opposite Journal Square and the Hudson Tube Station and remarks "8 minutes from New York City". The back of the card writes: "The Hotel Plaza is the ideal headquarters from which to cover the Metropolitan area, affording a combination of business and pleasure. All rooms with bath, popular prices." Based on the cars in the image, I would guess this postcard to be from the 1930's. My sister and her partner Henry work nearby. Today, the hotel is gone. It has been replaced with a Cohen's Optical, Sneaker Store, a Lottery/Magazine shop, a less then attractive bar and a hot dog stand. Jersey City has seen better days.

Harrisburger HotelTo the left, a "Night View of the Harrisburger Hotel, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  This postcard image is postmarked "New Cumberland PA August 11, 1952" and was mailed to the Hollen residence of St. Paul at 56 Inner Drive.  The writer was enroute to New York City.  I lived in Harrisburg for several years from 1989 to 1993.

The remarkable image to the right is of the The Crown Hotel.  The postcard was postmarked "Providence, RI, March 23, 1914" and was sent to the Taw residence at 660 1/2 Main Street in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Crown Hotel, Providence - It's GoneThe Crown Hotel was located at 208 Weybosset Street in Downtown Providence.  I know this because in 1985 and 1986, I lived in room 316 when the building was owned by Johnson & Wales College and operated as the McNulty Hall dormitory.  The building was incredibly unique.   I only wish I had the same interest in history then as I do now.  Sadly, the building burned to the ground one summer several years ago.  Fortunately, school was not in session. 

Below is an image from 1986, showing a side view of this same building.  To compare images, the FRONT of the building in the newer image below is to the right.  The image below shows the side entrance which was used by students.   The main front entrance was converted to the Johnson & Wales bookstore.   Little did I know in 1985 that I was buying my school books in the lobby of a century old hotel!

McNulty Hall

Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles - Now ClosedTo your left, another grand hotel - The Ambassador Hotel at 3400 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.  The hotel opened in 1921 and closed in 1988.   The hotel still stands today, but demolition is threatened by Magic Johnson and was previously threatened by a group working for or with Donald Trump.  For a great history of the hotel, click here.



Coco Palms Resort, Kauai Hawaii - Now ClosedOur Historic Hotel section closes for now with some "tropical images" from the Coco Palms. The historic Coco Palms Resort was the film site of Blue Hawaii with Elvis Presley and the original Fantasy Island TV series.  The images to your right are from postcards I recently sold at auction.  They are now also shared at a web site dedicated to the memory of this resort on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, click here to go to that site.  The postcards indicated: Coco Palms Resort Hotel, Operated by Island Holidays, an Amfac Company.  Color by Mike Roberts, Berkeley, Calif. 

Click on the "camera icon" to view the image described...the image will open in a new window for viewing.  After viewing, click the 'X' in the upper right hand corner of the new window to close the image.

  • Albany Hotel The Albany Hotel, Albany Georgia, 1960's

  • Coral Court The Coral Court Motel, Rocky Mount, NC, Aerial View, 1960's

  • Hotel Kenmore Hotel Kenmore described as: "One of Boston's Newest and Finest Hotels; 400 Large Luxurious Rooms all with bath, circulating ice water, Radio & Emergency Sound System for guests' safety; 10 Air-Conditioned Public Rooms".   Located on Commonwealth Avenue at Kenmore Square, the hotel is home to the famous "Mural Lounge" and "Sportsman's Bar & Grill, Rendezvous of celebrities from the Radio and Sports World.  William T. Bigler, General Manager - Boston, Massachusetts, 1940's;  Thanks to 'Ed' who shared the following via email: "After years of abuse and misuse in the 1980's it was finally redeveloped into housing for the elderly.  It still commands an impressive sight in Kenmore Square and Commonwealth Avenue.  My parents actually had their wedding reception there in 1950."

  • Windsor Hotel 1930's The Windsor Hotel, Cape May, New Jersey - This one is gone, it was lost to fire in the 1970's

  • Brevoort Room The Brevoort Room at the Brevoort Hotel, Chicago

  • Lamar Hotel The Lamar Hotel; As printed on the card, "In the heart of the downtown's theater and shopping district.  Lamar guest enjoy finest foods, radio, TV sets!  Visit fabulous Houston, Texas soon."  Published by Colourpicture, Boston.






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