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Historic Postcard Images

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From my personal postcard collection, I present several images of "Asbury Park Past", many from the early 1900's.  Please take a moment to remember the better days in Asbury Park and to hope for a better tomorrow.  MANY who have visited the site have written or shared a memory in my Guest Book.  Some are searching their personal photograph's for special memories.  I hope to add more memories as time moves forward.

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Postcard image of the Berkeley Carteret Hotel, built in the mid 1920's.  This must be one of the earliest views of the hotel as it features early 1900 automobiles.  The hotel is still in operation today. Berkeley Carteret
Miniature Golf Course showing the Berkeley Carteret Hotel and the Paramount Theatre (to the right of the hotel).  Paramount Theatre
Built in 1912, this image from the 1950's or 1960's of the Steinbach's Department Store, an anchor in the Asbury Park Downtown Community.  Make sure you visit our Asbury Park "Then & Now" Photo Gallery for more images of the store. Steinbach's Department Store
The Hotel Kingsley Arms & Reade's Monte Carlo Beach Club. Kingsley Arms Hotel
Probably from the 1930's, an image of the Swan Ride on Wesley Lake.  Asbury Park was famous for many things including water!  Lakes, grand pools and of course the Atlantic Ocean served the visitors of Asbury Park.

Oh to have had the opportunity to ride on the Swan!  Unfortunately, this writer was too young then.

Swan Ride on Wesley Lake
Postcard image postmarked "Asbury Park June 19, 1908"; the caption in the lower left hand corner reads "Watching Bathers from the Boardwalk - Asbury Park, N.J." Bathers at Asbury Park
"The Pool, Ocean Grove, N.J."  On our recent visit in July, 1999, while walking along Wesley Lake in Ocean Grove, we came upon what appeared to be a closed up hotel and restaurant.  It sits at the very end of the Ocean Grove city limits opposite Asbury Park.  In the area behind the building, just a short distance from the ocean sits a huge pool in disrepair.  We imagine this may be the pool this postcard refers to. Ocean Grove Pool
This image reads "Tent Life, Asbury Park, N.J.".  Although I was aware of Tent Life in Ocean Grove, I did not know it existed in Asbury Park.  Any historians able to share some insight on this one? Tent Life
The Asbury Hudson Hotel, formerly of 331 Cookman Avenue.  This image here is probably from the 1950's. Asbury Hudson Hotel
A beautiful image of the famous Casino at Asbury Park.  This postcard was published by The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co., Ltd., New York and Printed in Great Britain.  The number 200, 525 and the initials JV are printed on the front lower corner.  You can also view CURRENT photographs of the Casino in our "Then & Now" Collection. The Casino

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