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Guest Photo Submissions

Welcome to my collection of visitor submitted images and photographs featuring Asbury Park!  Thank you to everyone who has made a submission and thank you for your patience in waiting for the images to be added!


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"DJ's Collection" (From June 2005)

Comments: I went to Asbury Park and took some photos. There are people EVERYWHERE on the boardwalk now it is fantastic!  It looks almost like a real resort again. There were also a lot of people on the balconies of the Empress Hotel, and in the new arcades.  These photo's give the basic idea of how Asbury looks today, in 2005.  Tillie is showing up everywhere in Asbury these days! From Arcade games, to mugs, to T-shirts, you name it, everyone on Asbury's boardwalk has Tillie! Another Nightclub has opened about a block from the beach, it is called "The Circuit Club."
Contact: ColorBlindDJ@aol.com

The Empress Hotel/Motel - June 2005 The Casion, June 200, Photo by DJ
Photo by DJ - Asbury Park NJ Boardwalk, June 2005 Arcade at Asbury Park
"Robert's Collection"

Views (from 2000) of Asbury Park including images of the boardwalk and Albion Hotel.  Plus a unique "behind the scenes" look at some current landmarks of the shore resort.

"A contingent of Leni Lenape Indians Returned to Asbury Park to see how the Pale face has been treating the land these natives once roamed upon freely. By the looks on these descendents of the Delare tribes, they dont seem to happy about the condition of their former real estate."  Robert Steele

The Boardwalk;

Failed Development;

Albion Hotel;

Behind The Berkeley Carteret;

4th Avenue West;

Indians at The Paramount

"Scott J. Sullivan" - Acrylic Paintings

For more information on these beautiful paintings, contact Scott directly via email at: SSull87111@aol.com

To your right, Convention Hall Painting, click image for larger view.

Click For Larger Image

"Joan" - Sharing an image from 1973 of her brother and Aunt on the skyride. Personal Memories of the Skyride
"Johnny's Collection"

Several winter (2000/01) images at Asbury Park

The Beach Boy

Casino Grafitti

Flying Horse (Carousel)

Paramount Theater Entrance

The Palace Snack Bar

Please Excuse...

The Cuckoo's Nest on the Boardwalk

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