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Divinity in Her Cradle 

Holding Divinity After Surgery 

June 1998 - My Family Visiting in St Paul MN

Louise and Chris, Portland & Oregon Visit 2007

Visiting London England, June 2013

December 1984 with Keith and Jim, Providence RI

In Ft Lauderdale 2009 at the Worthington / Alcazar

2012 David and Chris at Wilde Roast

Ricky, Karen & Chris, 1999

David, Jon and Chris, Minneapolis June 2012

Jason & Chris Returning from Alaska Cruise, 2009 

Mom & Chris in Asbury Park Photo Booth, 2008 

With My Mom, Sister and Josh, Jersey Shore 2009

First Photo with Drakkar - Taken by Troy, 1991 

The Parsonage House B&B, Jim Thorpe PA, 2011 

Chris & David in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Trikkx Crew 2007

Dennis and Chris in Asbury Park NJ, 2009

Destiny and Felix (Adopted 2012)

Destiny Under Christmas Tree 2009

Birthday Celebration 1995 with Todd, Chris, Amy, Jeri 

Chris & Josh in 2008 

Tammi Visits Chris in Maplewood! 2012 

Duluth April 2012, Taken by Jon

My New Office Tower at Carlson Companies

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There are a few places on my site you can learn more about me. This page, a blog of sort, my Vital Stats page, the Photo Gallery, and well, all the other links that tell you about people, places and things in my life.  Pick a link and surprise yourself.

July 26, 2015:

It would appear an update on my life is well overdue here! In 2014, I moved from Minnesota to the East Coast and as of 2015, I now reside in Philadelphia!  More coming soon...

September 24, 2013:

"If Fall marks the end of summer, does the end of summer not mark the beginning of Fall?"

But this writing isnít about the seasons, it is about endings and new beginnings.  In this book of life, Iím embarking on a new chapter of change.  By my count, Iím around chapter 16 (you can see how well I guessed when my book comes out many years from now).

The end of October marks 9 years for me in Minnesota (my 3rd trek to this Midwestern state, the first being nearly 20 years ago).  And my, what a journey those 20 years have been.  And now this journey in my life will return me east Ė closer to family and many a friend left behind, and of course to the shore on which I grew up.

This weekend as my realtor Corinne and I stood out on my deck (Saturday it was, the last day of Summer), we gazed at the blue skies, green grass and trees and she asked ďare you going to miss thisĒ?  And at that point I knew, the current chapter in my life would soon be closing.  For a moment, the joy associated with my next chapter faded from my mind.  Instead, like an old film projector rolling, nearly a decade of my life played in snippets through my mind.  Friends and experiences that had come and gone and a long chapter in this book of life were saved permanently to my memory.  Without hesitation, I answered ďyesĒ.  If weíre lucky, our memory banks replay the good and archive the bad.  Iím fortunate to have that ability for itís how I remember the positive events even in the darkest of times.  When folks hear me speak of Vermont, they imagine blueberry pancakes with Maple syrup, colors of Fall, snowcapped mountains and a Newhart-esque lifestyle.  But how many of them know during the same 4 year span, I lost my Father, beloved cat of 10 years Drakkar and my partner of nearly 7?

I have the rare opportunity to move myself and my work nearer to my family and the coast.  Those who know me best have often heard me remark, Iím not sure where Iíll end up, but it wonít be in Minnesota and it will be near the ocean.  No offense to Minnesota Ė itís been a great place to call home for many years.  In creating a new chapter, I must leave behind people who are near and dear to me Ė my extended family of friends.  But what I arrived here for in 2004 and what Iím doing here now are dramatically different, to say the least.  Several of the people I was once closest to have moved away, on to their own new journeys and chapters in their own lives. 

For me, the resounding factor is to get closer not only to my immediate family, but all my extended family - to join in celebrations, holidays, graduations, birthdays (you get the idea).  We all do things in life that challenge us, maybe scare us, or maybe excite us.  Iím sure itís a bit of everything wrapped up in one.  But now itís time.  In a perfect world, we would all be closest to the ones we love always.  And until we can move through space and time at the speed of light, the perfect world doesnít exist.  Like Vermont and Pennsylvania and all the places I have called ďhomeĒ in my life, Iíll remember Minnesota and my life here with same fondness and same positive memories I have experienced along the way.  And for those closest to me, weíll stay in touch, and weíll see each other soon Ė youíll come my way and Iíll be back.  After all, my employer home office will still be here in Minnesota!  For those closest friends we make in life are always with us wherever we go on our journeyÖ

Love & Peace, Chris

The real estate link.

November 2012:

It would appear my annual update is pending?  Stay tuned.  I have to get up for work in the morning, so it will have to wait...

June 2011:

Well, looks like it's been years since the last update, 27 months to be exact.  I think it's time, don't you?

Where do we begin?  For starters, take a step back.  The original concept of this page was a feature called 'About Me', and was written around the year 2000.  Pretty simple concept.  At the time, 'me' included a partner and up to 3 cats.  Today, the page is about me, and my beloved cat Destiny (he celebrated his 13th birthday in May this year).  Sadly, Destiny and I lost his sister and my little angel Divinity on March 9, 2011.  Together, she and I battled courageously against cancer that had rapidly invaded her little body.  We both miss her dearly.

In general, 2011 started in a state of flux.  So maybe I should just re-write my path of life over the past 7 years since returning to Minnesota (Fall 2004) after selling the Vermont Inn (May 2004).  So let's do just that.  If you need a quick review of my life pre 2000, click here (it will just move you down this page).  Otherwise, let's continue.

After selling the Inn in 2004, I stayed with my sister and her partner at their home in Ringwood NJ for the summer.  The home consisted of 3 humans and 5 cats (2 of mine and 3 of theirs).  I considered moving to Ft Lauderdale FL, Portland OR and back to the Twin Cities.  As it turns out, a 'cool' job opportunity surfaced at Trikkx in St Paul.  Still operated at the time by the same ladies who started the venue in 1986 as Rumours, I hiked it back west and purchased a condo in the burbs of St Paul.  Life was good - I connected with a few old friends, and made several new ones.  You will see several entries of my life in 2004, 2005 and 2006 below.  So let's jump ahead to 2007.  At the end of January, Trikkx held its' 'Last Dance'.  I was DJ/VJ that final night, and the club must have been 5 times over capacity.  People waited in line to get in in sub-zero January weather in Minnesota!  They had to pay their last respects.  Following this event, I took a break before starting work again in the late Spring at the Bolt / Underground.  I still hoped I could place myself in a business that would appreciate my skill set and experience.  Ha.  In the interim, I got news that my old Inn had been abandoned in 2006, was foreclosed on by the bank and was going up for auction in March 2007.  I was devastated, but my friends stood firm against any crazy notion I had to go to Vermont and try to get it back.  As it was, I traveled to Vermont in the Fall of 2007, for the first time since leaving.  I got to see my dear friend Keith, and sadly, see the old Inn closed up.  A new owner emerged in late 2007, and this chapter of my life was closed in April of 2011 when I finally got back to Vermont and saw the grand old Inn alive and well loved by the new owners Sheldon and Francy.  Two amazing hosts who are living their dream. 

For the balance of 2007, and most of 2008, I tried my best to make life work in the VJ/DJ field.  I still worked on some websites, but needed more of a challenge.  In 2008, I landed (again) what I hoped would be a new ticket to enjoy my VJ life (VJ = Video Jockey - a form of a Disc Jockey that spins only Music Video's).  In the Fall of 2008, the economy also tanked, and this new venue would quickly sour.  Though I managed to stick it out for a year before major cuts, I knew by the summer of 2009, it was time to find a career again - or buy another B&B!   That August, I also took an amazing cruise to Alaska with my dear friend Jason.  It was my first cruise ever, as well as my first trek to Alaska.  In December of 2009, my buddy Josh and I took our second excursion to Ft Lauderdale (our first being in November 2008).

As 2010 arrived, I was working at several venues, while searching for regular full-time work.  In May 2010, I thought I had found an amazing opportunity when I was offered the GM role at a Country Inn & Suites by Carlson.  Within a very short amount of time, it was clear this opportunity was taking a very evil turn for the worse.  LONG story short, by the end of 2010, I decided the only person who could take care of me was me!  As I often said during this horribly challenging period, 'Life is too short to live it unhappy'.  So I resigned, without a job in hand, in one of the worst American job markets since the Great Depression.

In early 2011, I again was 'on the job market', but I had 1 amazing benefit of the GM job - I got introduced to Carlson Companies. 

In February 2011, I trekked south for my first visit to Dallas Texas.  My great friend and Alaska cruise buddy Jason had relocated there in late 2009 - for work.  We had a great 5 days, and I returned to Minnesota.  The following weeks would take me far off my job search, as I focused solely on trying to find out what was wrong with my beautiful cat Divinity.  She had stopped eating, and I was feeding her water through a dropper.  On her first visit to the University of MN Veterinary Clinic, she was immediately admitted for surgery the next day.  While she came through surgery with her usual strength, the results would be devastating - aggressive cancer, high-grade lymphoma to be exact.  She came home with me 2 days after surgery, and for the next 5 days I held her, loved her and prayed for her.  On Wednesday March 9, a previous appointment with a Holistic Vet (Dr. Sue Swanson) would instead be an end of life consultation.  With music from the CD Steve Hall Piano Orchestrations, candles and my neighbor and friend Gloria, a service with dignity for Divinity and courage embraced by God, I held my little girl as she was raised to heaven and safely across the Rainbow Bridge.

In the weeks to follow, her brother clung close to his Dad, and so I delayed my trip back East until late April.  The goal of the trip was to figure out the age old question of "What do I want to be when I grow up".  Or at least, what the hell am I going to do next?  Dubbed 'The Road Trip', I headed out in my new Subaru and travelled across the land, through Pennsylvania, New York, into Vermont, and of course New Jersey.  Along the way, I stopped in Jamestown NY (birthplace of Lucille Ball) and met up with Steve and Stacia in Cooperstown NY.  I had met them during my Carlson training back in October of 2010.  Steve had just rebranded his hotel from the Howard Johnson chain to become a Country Inn & Suites by Carlson.  I didn't have a lot of time here, as I was expected in Vermont Saturday.  Here I  had the great opportunity to see Keith (it had been nearly 4 years), and see my old Inn alive and well.  After a few days of catching up with Keith, Pat, Cindy, Bill, Peter and Bob, I hiked it south to NJ.  Along the way, and now in New Jersey with family and friends, we talked of endless possibilities.  Selling my place in MN and returning to the East Coast ... buying a B&B ... just figuring out, what next.  I took it as far was meeting with a realtor in MN only to learn the market was indeed horrific, with no imminent signs of recovery.  To move would result in a significant loss, and leave me in NJ till unemployed.  However, the upside would mean being closer to family, and my forever longing for being closer to the shore again.

Upon my return to MN, I started again on the job search.  Within a week or two of returning, almost set on moving, I got an email ... asking me to follow up on a job I had applied for at Carlson Companies.  Was it a sign?  Was I supposed to stick it out a little longer?  The process moved quickly, and positively, and within weeks, I was offered what I considered to be a tremendous opportunity with a fantastic company.  I couldn't help but be thrilled and excited at the opportunity to join such an organization.  Yet, deep inside, there was a sadness.  I would have to wait a bit (bit being a few years) before considering a move East.  I do want to be closer to family, and to the shore.  I believe this job opportunity came into my life for a reason.  To settle me, to place me in a safe place for several years.  It's safe to say, I was unsettled.   Now I have great responsibility and a great opportunity. 

To sum up life over the last decade, I have been blessed with truly wonderful friends and family - so many of them cheering me on, and embracing my triumphs and challenges.  Loving me, and caring for me genuinely.  While you all know who you are, it's not enough to say 'you know who you are' --- because each and every one of you have impacted me:  My closest and dearest friends: Josh, Jason, David (x2), Dennis, Keith, Skip & Louise (see their photo's to the left).  And the new people who have entered my life and helped me to believe anything is possible and that I am deserving: Tim, Steve, Stacia, Lee, Jaentra.  And I am blessed with a loving family, my Mom, my Sister and her partner.  Every single one of you has been so supportive.  Offering homes, rooms, apartments to stay, but most importantly your friendship.  I am very thankful.  If I could have you all together in one place, life would be perfect! But for those far away, we are always close in spirit.  And with a normal job again, I will get to see the ones far away every year too.

I wouldn't change my incredible path in life - from Hotel Management in the 1990's, to my first 'corporate' jobs in the late 90's, to owning and operating an Inn, to nightclub management and performance, and my newest endeavor.  Who knew this quick update would be a small novel nearly 90 minutes later!  Now that you have the most current update, feel free to take a look (and get a few laughs) at the unedited updates below! 

Next goal?  New photo albums!  I want to start building them on my own site again, as they originally were with less reliance on Facebook.

Well as Elmer Fudd, or Bugs Bunny said, that's all folks!  Stay tuned for the next is a journey! 

March 2009:

I am in the never-ending process of updating sections of this site. It will never be complete, a work always in progress.  Spring is fast arriving in Minnesota - and for several months we'll forget the cold, bitter cold, snow, ice and darkness that plagues us for a few months here.  But be certain, it will return again.  I am still very much enjoying living my passion for Video Entertainment (details in the DJ-VJ section).  But the next major turn in life is yet unknown.  I have too much entrepreneurial spirit in me to work for someone else.  So will that result in a future business endeavor down the road?  Stay tuned.  One of my very best friends Josh moved in to my extra bedroom in January, replacing my other dear friend David who opted to return to Minneapolis.  Driving our metro highways during rush hour, in winter, is not that fabulous.  Unlike Josh though, David was handy, and did an amazing job re-painting nearly my entire condo!  Now that's a friend.  Starting to think about my annual NJ Shore trek to visit family and friends on the coast.  I'll finally meet my only online best friend this summer.  We've been connected via Asbury Park and music and history for about 5 years now!  I could keep writing, but I'll never get the rest of these pages uploaded, so watch for another installment many months from now!

Oh, and Happy St Patrick's Day!

October 2008:

Update 101 ...

1. New Venue at Camp! It rocks --- more...
2. I'm getting away to Ft Lauderdale in November!!!
3. My Former Vermont Inn Got a New Owner in late '07! Click for More...
4. I got an awesome new Gateway Laptop!  To replace my not-so-awesome HP Laptop, which would have been 4 years old in Spring '08, had it not started having hardware failures. Update: I still love the Gateway!
5. What else?  I'm still single.  I could try a little harder to actually make some dates happen.
6. Thinking about a trip to Ireland in 2009 for Mom (and me)!
7. Liza plays in New York City in December 2008!  Someone take me!

From February '08 - It's a major election year.  Probably going to be McCain against Obama.  That's my forecast (I made that in February 2008!)  Considering all the great leaders that won't stand a chance, I think the choice is clear.  We simply cannot put into office another leader (McCain) who will continue to murder our men and women of the Armed Forces by leaving them in Iraq. 

June 2008:

Gosh, you think I might have had something to say in nearly a year?  I have actually, just not for the world to read.  Life is good - there's a new "person", my friends are the world to me.  Hanging in there with all the political mess, gas prices, Iraq, jobs, homes.  Not the best time in America's history.  But we persevere.

August 2007:

A lot happening in my life and the world ... stay tuned for more.

May 2007:

DJ-VJ Life Continues in Minneapolis!  With Regular Performances at the HOTTEST Dance Club - The Bolt Underground - Beginning May 25!  No Cover on Friday Nights - Lots of Street and Lot Parking - Awesome Patio - 3 Bars, 1 Address - All on Washington Avenue in Mpls! Also ... (More...)

April 1, 2007:

Where's Spring? Finally booked my trip to Portland.  Check out new Video's at my VJ Page.

March 10, 2007:

Trikkx is a memory that is hard to shake (more...)

February 10, 2007:

I Met Randy Harrison at the Guthrie Theater, (After Seeing The Glass Menagerie)

Yes, THE Randy Harrison (aka Justin from Queer As Folk). After the Saturday night performance (which was outstanding), my friends and I stopped in the Target Lounge for a cocktail. In walked Harriet Harris and Randy. I think my heart stopped for a moment. My friends and I waited at the bar for our drinks, while Randy ordered 2 glasses of Red Wine for Harriet and himself. Bill McCallum, another star of the show, joined them a short while later. The lounge was rather quiet, maybe 20 or so people. A gentleman approached their table, and spoke for quite some time. Afterwards, I decided life doesn't present these opportunities very often, so with pen and ticket in hand I approached their table and politely asked them for their autographs, which they graciously provided. All three of them were so kind, so polite, so friendly. We chatted for just a few minutes before I excused myself from their table. Though I could have stayed all night. Randy's smile warmed the entire room!

I skipped back to our table like a little schoolgirl (really) and collapsed. Not really, by now, I was floating on cloud 9!  If you get the chance, go see the Guthrie Theater (enchanting) and don't miss this over-the-top Broadway quality performance.  (As Posted at my MySpace Blog).
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February 2007:

American Idol Season 6 Has Begun! And I think we have a winner in Matt Sato from Maplewood Minnesota. I mean, he has a great personality, and his rendition of "California Dreaming" was spectacular! And he's from MAPLEWOOD MINNESOTA!  Good luck Matt - win or lose, you have talent - and you got the ticket to Hollywood! 

January 2007:

Happy New Years Friends & People Reading this who I do not know...

2006 was quite a year, and 2007 is shaping up to be one of change as well.  This month marks the end of an era, more details in another day or 2.  2006 saw the closure of my old Inn in Vermont, which haunts me a bit.  Lots more to talk about soon.  Trying to resolve all these issues of closure lately, I think that happens as we end one year, and start another.  We realize all those things still ever-present on our brain and in our hearts.

Peace, love and happiness to everyone in 2007!

November 2006:

What a Fall - Streisand in Concert, the Pet Shop Boys in Concert, the closing of Boom! and Over the Rainbow, the "not-closing" of Trikkx (update here), lots of great new music and video, other nice "stuff" that I am not writing about here (all good)!  And I won the Lavender Magazine Fab 50 Award for Best DJ!  I saw Barbra Streisand perform in concert at the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul on Tuesday night, October 24.  46 years later, and she is still a divine voice in music.  She brought the crowd to their feet over and over again, and performed 2 encores, still to a standing crowd. If she could have kept singing, we never would have leaved. And with all the beautiful music, and the laughter, came a reminder to all of us, the "people" to act, to follow our hearts.  

Both concerts were exceptional - the Pet Shops are still just as fabulous, no, even more so, then they were in the 80's!  Note: Using too many exclamation points.   Speaking of music, I added some of my video mixes at YouTube.

Dating anyone?  Aaaah, no.  Applications accepted.  Though there are a few people out there who should call - you already have my number. 

Already thinking about life in 2007.  I changed the music on this page (now "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol).  God, it's a beautiful song.  This is a live acoustic version (yeah, the same song of the video on the front page, but a different version).  Click the play button if you want to hear this version.

May / June 2006:

Take me to Hollywood ... read more.  Ooops, got the "thanks for applying" letter...

<<< Twin Cities GLBT Pride Parade!

March 2006:

As my close friends know, I have been challenged recently by attempts at "dating".  You see, dating in the mid 2000's is nothing like dating in the 1990's.  No one believes a word you say, even after you say it over and over.  "Jaded" is a popular term these days people (including myself) have come to use to describe how they feel about the whole dating scene.

But recently, that experience changed for the better, more like a 110% turn around.  Something amazing happened - I went on a date (well, it was our first meeting, so we tried not to term it a date).  It most regards it was, we had dinner, followed by a few hours of conversation.  The night ended with a hug, not 2 people jumping into bed together.  It was spirit-lifting, proof there is hope.  So, yes, it is possible to "date" in 2006.  And it feels good...really good. 

October 2005:

Gee, I haven't added anything since May!  Hmmm... Well, October was a big month for me - I had another birthday - and wow, it was quite the party.  Check out the photo gallery for more.  Life is still good --- it generally has its ups and downs.  But I know is was on quite a high in the Spring thanks to someone special.  They're not in my life now they way I would have liked, but "it's all good"; still thinking I can change that part.  I always do.  Lots of special people in my world, and for whom I consider myself very fortunate to share my life with.  A special thanks to Todd, Tony and Jason for making my birthday extra special this year!

May 2005:

Hi all - this is sort of my journal, or "blog" or something like that.  Ramblings of life you might say.  I started my personal site in the 2nd half of the 1990's, and this is what it's come to (not sure if that is good or bad).  This page started as a "About Me" page, which you can still read here.  Have fun...  Oh yes, and life is good right now.

February 2005:

Wow, I finally updated the Photo Gallery section - what a project.  Let's see, that just leaves updates for the Asbury Park, Christian Admiral, Disney, Movie Guide, and all those new sections I want to add.  Too bad this isn't a paying job.  Just to prove I added new pictures to the mix, I included a "recent" one of me, taken in August 2004.  Believe it or not, that one was taken in Chester Vermont (3 months after my departure from the quaint country village).  I am doing one of my favorite things - relaxing!  Now who would like to join me in the swing?  It can be real romantic at night, under the stars...

January 2005:

Yikes, 2005 - already? 

December 2004:

It's December, Santa comes, Hallmark makes us cry, Frosty the Snowman is rerun, winter arrives, and we say farewell to another year.  For about 50% of the population, 2004 will be remembered as the year we lost the election, for the other 50%, the year "they" won.  As for me, after my summer journey, I ended up (for the third time) in Minnesota the end of September.  By the end of October, I was closing the deal on my new Town Home, about 7 miles from Downtown St Paul.  After all the peace and quiet of Minnesota, I opted to give the cats some "green space", and in the process, save quite a bit on parking and maintenance by choosing to live in the "burbs", not the new downtown mecca that St Paul is fast becoming.  I have a cool manageable space (no yardwork, no shoveling, no painting) - 2 bedrooms (well one is my office), 2 bathrooms, a big kitchen, a deck and a garage - and the kind that is connected so I don't have to go outside in the sometimes cruel Minnesota Winter.  The new career move is going well - a lot more work than expected, but thus far a good move!  I'm looking forward to the Holiday season without the "Innkeeper" hat.  But I will always look fondly on the "Vermont Years" - and no doubt it will all look simple at times.  I know I miss the way of life in Vermont - I don't think it exists anywhere else in this country of ours.  But I also like the drive from my suburban flat into the bright lights and stunning skyline of the city!

October 5, 2004:

Sometimes good things happen that make you spin...things that let you know your heart (and hope) is still alive and well.  People come in and out of our lives for various reasons, and various times, in various places.  People with whom we have connected with in our past, and with whom we have never forgotten. 

And now the rest of the story - I am officially back in Minnesota, working again (yikes), but having a grand time of it.  Life has been extremely busy, but in good ways.  More in the weeks and months ahead.

OK, so you REALLY want to get to know me?  Check out my new VITAL STATS page.

September 2, 2004:

My summer journey is complete, as is summer it seems. I am truly blessed to have so many friends consider me as "family" that the decision of where to relocate has been most difficult.  Since my immediate family is in New Jersey, I reached deep inside to see if I could find a place in this state that would serve me as a home and community - but the high cost of living, high real estate prices, and overcrowding on the highways and elsewhere quickly put NJ at the bottom of the list (P.S. I am also first to defend the beauty also found in the state).  Ft. Lauderdale was indeed the most fun I've had on a vacation in years - great clubs, sandy beaches, and warm year-round.  Florida actually came in last for climate, as I like a change of seasons.  Speaking of climate, Portland won that race hands-down, but it's distance to my immediate family was ultimately too far.  Otherwise, it too was a fabulous city, full of life, very vibrant, very cultured - and only 90 minutes from the Pacific Ocean.  And of course Skip & Louise live there!  Long story short, I could have planted myself in Florida or Oregon, or even New Jersey if push came to shove and landed on my feet.  The decision combined a plethora of important factors, and when all the votes were counted, St. Paul Minnesota won my heart - again.  Having spent nearly 7 years there, through most of the 90's, it is indeed my second home.  That coupled with a unique and exciting opportunity for me, the decision was made.  So by months end, I will embark on my next journey, familiar in many aspects, but new in many others. 

In the months ahead, I hope to expand my web site with details of my travels this summer, including a late summer vacation with Mom to Hyde Park New York, with a quick stop in Vermont and a show at the Weston Playhouse!  Plus my favorites sights and sounds in Portland Oregon - a really great place!

That's Me (I'm the One on the RIGHT), Hyde Park NY, August 2004

July 20, 2004:

It's already been more then 2 months since my venture in Vermont concluded.  Pretty soon I'll have to start thinking about a place to live and maybe even a job!  People will begin to think Innkeeping is a financially rewarding experience...

So far, I've traveled west for a week-long visit with friends and re-exploration of St. Paul, south for a week to Ft. Lauderdale (that is one amazing place - and if I don't more there, I'll need to vacation there at least once a year) - and in August, I will trek to my final destination Portland, Oregon.  In between, weekend visits with friend, day trips with Mom and lots of web stuff.  I plan to make a final "destination" decision in mid-August!  Scary stuff, since both MN and FL are battling for #1 position, what if Portland makes a play for me too?

So, now that you've read this far, click the Poll Link below and you'll have the ultimate question of "telling me where to go"!  By the way, I removed the "Over the Rainbow" option, since it was holding almost 50% of the vote!!!  But you can add comments if you like. (You can still take the poll for "fun"):

Where should Chris go?

July 17, 2004:

Ft. Lauderdale - Summer 2004

The summer event was phenomenal! HOT (and I don't mean just the temperature), The Beach, The Ocean, The Sand, The Clubs, The People, The Music, Gazing at the Moonlit Sea & Sky (Priceless), Georgies Alibi, The Friends, The Lightning in the Distant Summer Sky, The Gay Mecca, The Java Boy's, The Latin Boys, The Boardwalk (and not one with wooden boards), and then there was The COLISEUM on Saturday Night, and the Jackhammer and BOOM! on Sunday completed the package!

This rapidly growing gay community (supposedly 2nd in size only to San Francisco), is packed with clubs, restaurants, coffee house and gay owned Shoppe's.  For more information: go here.

May 16, 2004:

Hi all - I'm "back" in New Jersey now, staying with family in Northern NJ.  The Inn sold in May of 2004, and was purchased by a very nice young family, ready to embark on their dream.  As for me, I'm taking time off to get some R&R, travel, visit friends, go to nightclubs, dance, visit the ocean, maybe see a show in New York City, and travel to places like Minnesota, Florida, Oregon, and ...?

April 3, 2004:

The trials and tribulations of life are ever-changing, as I recently survived one of the most scariest times in life.  With that in my past, I can focus my energy towards helping others survive.  I added a page in honor of Brent today.  At some point, I need to redesign the rest of the site so it all "flows".  Yeah, we'll get there.

March 21, 2004:

I think yesterday was the first day of Spring - I hope it I am in the "process" of updating - my home on the far larger then life world wide web - the beginning and ending of life as we know it.  More then likely, there are a few site glitches what with all the changes as of late.  Patience is a virtue.  Read about "My Rollercoaster Ride".

June 18, 2003:

Occasionally, life tosses you a few curves, that's been the case with me for the past several weeks.  Such being the case, I have edited this page to simply include "highlights" of my life over the past years.  I'll update you all in a few months (I would like to say a few weeks, but I know that will not be the case).

NOTE (3/2/05): The June 18 entry was just weeks after Brent's decision to end our relationship of more then 6 years.

The photo to the right is one of my sister and I taken in the late summer of 2000 (we had dined with my parents at The Stockton Inn in New Jersey, near Lambertville and New Hope PA).

My Life - As Written in the Year 2000 (with Editing):

In October 2000, I moved to Chester Vermont with my partner when we purchased and operated The Stone Hearth Inn.  Prior to the move, I lived in Minnesota's Capitol City of Saint Paul, near Lake Phalen!  You can meet the cats, Destiny & Divinity in the Photo Collection!

I am originally from Bayville, New Jersey, a shore town in Ocean County, near Barnegat Bay.   Be sure to check out the History Collection which features stories and photo's of Asbury Park, New Jersey, home of Bruce Springsteen.  I graduated from Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania (I actually attended classes on the Brandywine Campus in Wilmington, Delaware).  Chester is about 15 minutes south of Philadelphia, the "City of Brotherly Love" and the city where my Dad grew up.  My Mom grew up in Newark, New Jersey, a city that has changed dramatically since the 40's and 50's when she was a kid growing up.

Prior to my life as an Innkeeper, I was employed with the Saint Paul chapter of the American Red Cross working in the Tissue Services Division.  Prior to joining the American Red Cross, I worked with Minnesota Life (formerly Minnesota Mutual) in Saint Paul.  The company has been around since the 1800's and is an institution in the city of Saint Paul.  Although I disagree with the company's stance on political issues in Saint Paul, overall they are a decent company to work for - however, their salary scale is far less then average for the Twin Cities region.  The company's current building which opened in 1981, is located at Robert Street and 6th street in Downtown Saint Paul.  This is also the former site of the Ryan Hotel, a hotel built before the turn-of-the-century and demolished in the early 1960's.  You will notice as you travel our web site many references and information on historical places that no longer exist.

Prior to joining Minnesota Life I was working at Rumours Nightclub (also in Saint Paul) as a DJ.  In the years that followed, I enjoyed spinning some high energy dance music at Trikkx (located in the former home of Rumours).  I created the clubs "original" web site which premiered in the summer of 1997.   I also created and now maintain their current web site for Trikkx.  Trikkx is located in another landmark building in Downtown Saint Paul, the Rossmor.  The Rossmor Building is home to several businesses and artist coops.

During many summers in the 1990's, I often vacationed at one of my favorite beach resorts, REHOBOTH BEACH!   It's a quaint beach town on the shores of Delaware.  Rehoboth Beach is often referred to as the Nation's Summer Capitol (this because of it's close proximity Washington DC).  The resort offers fabulous restaurants, specialty shops and a host of B&B's.  Spend several days or a week if you visit.  You'll need a few days just to lay on the beach and bask in the warm sun!  On my most recent visit, I stayed at the new and modern Cabana Gardens B&B.  While not historical, the B&B was exceptionally clean and featured a wonderful continental breakfast and all modern conveniences (like air conditioning)! The location is within walking distance of everything in Rehoboth!

Having graduated college in 1988, I have had the opportunity to move several times over the last 10 years.  After graduation, I worked at the Clarion Hotel in East Windsor, New Jersey.  It closed it doors without notice around 1990. It later reopened as the Ramada Inn.  You can see (or visit) the hotel from exit 8 of the New Jersey turnpike.  It was at the Clarion Hotel I met my wonderful friend Ricky (you can see some photo's in our gallery).  In 1989, I moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Harrisburg is a wonderful smaller city, also the Capitol City of Pennsylvania.  It features everything you need in a smaller, far more polite version, then say New York City.  I stayed in Harrisburg about 3 1/2 years. I was working for the Residence Inn by Marriott, then owned by Amerimar Realty Company based in Philadelphia. Here I met my dear friend David (be sure to visit our Photo Gallery)!  David has now sinced moved to just north of Philadelphia.   He loves it there too, but we'll never forget the days playing at the Stallions and Strawberry Cafe in downtown Harrisburg (be sure to check out our Nightclub Guide found in our Entertainment Gallery)!

In 1993, I transferred to Cherry Hill NJ.   After this year in (how do you say hell politely?), I was offered another transfer, this one to Eagan, Minnesota, a rapidly expanding suburb south of Saint Paul. I made the big move in April 1994.  When I departed New Jersey, it was 60 degrees, 2 days later upon my arrival in Minnesota, the low was 17 degrees!  There was just no turning back!  After a transfer to the Georgetown Inn in Washington DC the summer of 1995, I returned to Minnesota in the fall and this is where I will stay (for now). It was on my return to the Twin Cities in the Fall of 1995 that was the beginning of new career endeavors and the end of long exhausting hours in Hotel Management.

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