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Name: Sharon Le Coeur
Date: Tue Oct 16 12:44:04 2007
How Did You Find My Site: Surfing Asbury
Where Are You From: Currently, Toms River...Previous, Bradley Beach
Your Favorite Place: The 'Casino's rooftop

Very nice site..I used to work as awriter for the 'Aquqrian' and interviewed most bands in all the venues in 'Asbury'..Afterwards I ran camera for the 'Uncle Floyd Show' where I met Mugsy..We developed a long time love of Asbury together. Between Between the late 80's up until his death a couple of years ago, we amassed between us thousands of still pix and film footage of Asbury. Someday, in his memory, I'll do something with them..For now, I still greive for both Mugsy and Asbury...


Name: Mimi
Date: Sun Oct 14 8:02:50 2007
How Did You Find My Site: Googling The Calling
Where Are You From: South Africa
Your Favorite Place: New York

I love your homepage. The Calling totally rocks!! Oh, and thanks for the lyrics....


Name: Shaileigh
Date: Fri Oct 12 14:23:23 2007
How Did You Find My Site: I found your site by looking at your pictures cause i'm a huge fan
Where Are You From: i'm from Guernsey
Your Favorite Place: england & Wales

i like your site rocks an your pictures so cool

I've started a band but i keep messing up with my singing have u got any tips x x x

Name: Gary joe
Date: Thu Oct 11 1:52:15 2007
How Did You Find My Site: Google
Where Are You From: South Beach Miami,Fl
Your Favorite Place: South Beach Miami

Greetings from The Albion Hotel (Rubell Hotels)South Beach.

we loved your page!!!

Name: Private Entry
Date: Thu Oct 11
How Did You Find My Site: google
Where Are You From: South Beach
Your Favorite Place: South Beach

Live in south beach Miami, and work doing audit at the Albion Hotel (Rubell Hotels).....

loved your page! keep kewl.


Name: Angie
Date: Wed Oct 10 13:22:29 2007
How Did You Find My Site: Google
Where Are You From: St Paul
Your Favorite Place:

I currently live in the old Hotel Lowry. What a thrill to see it at its heyday!

Name: sara
Date: Mon Jun 04 14:56:05 2007
How Did You Find My Site: Looking up Logan Lipton
Where Are You From: PA
Your Favorite Place: Mexico


Hello I just got to meet logan Lipton on 6/3/07. It was so amazing. For the concert chior at my school we just resantly took a trip to NYC. The fist day we got there we all went to see the broadway show wicked. It was so awesome i mean wow i loved it. Well on Sat somehow we all got to meet him and my friend and i got to get a picture with him it was so amazing. When i noticed that you got to meet him and had info on him I was so happy because hes not really known in the world and here u are with info on him. GOOD JOB. Well i just wanted to tell u about me meeting him and all that ya so hope to talk to u soon have a great day bye



Name: Private Entry
Home Page:
Date: Sat Feb 24 20:25:12 2007
How Did You Find My Site: You Tube
Where Are You From: Boston, MA
Your Favorite Place: Undecided :-)

I found you checking out YOU TUBE for the first time. I was watching your remix of Madonna's "Sorry" Stinks to hear you lost your club. Maybe you should come to Boston!!! :-) BTW, You're adorable!

Name: casssidy
Date: Tue Jan 30 15:28:23 2007
How Did You Find My Site: Accidently landed here
Where Are You From: St.paul,MN
Your Favorite Place: N E where

hey just cruzin N landed peace out^_^

Name: Lynn M. Dukelow
Date: Sun Dec 03 17:06:31 2006
How Did You Find My Site: my brother in Minneapolis
Where Are You From: Somers, Montana originally St. Paul, MN
Your Favorite Place: I have so many

Love your site! I used to eat lunch at the Emporium with my mom and

But then there was Schuneman's too.

Maindenname was "Lethert" prominent persons in early St. Paul, Jordan, Chaska, Shakopee and Chanhassen areas. Wondered if there were any photos of the Catholic French Church (St. Louis?) in downtown St. Paul. A maternal Lethert gr.mother used to talk of an orphanage (large structure) and also of the workhouse. Was there such a structure near Como Avenue?


Name: Brian Kennedy
Home Page: Felicty St. James - Female Impersonator
Date: Fri Nov 17 14:31:06 2006
How Did You Find My Site: From the Trikkx website
Where Are You From: Originally: Cumberland, WI Now: St. Paul, MN
Your Favorite Place: Key West, FL
Comments: are always so good to Jared and I. We love you tons and thank the stars you are at Trikkx! Your humor, friendship and amazing taste in music keep us coming back.

Name: AlexRoum
Date: Wed Oct 18 13:21:16 2006
How Did You Find My Site: yahoo search
Where Are You From: greece
Your Favorite Place: anywhere on earth

i am looking forward to meet you - alex

Name: Brian K
Date: Mon Oct 09 2:16:00 2006
How Did You Find My Site: googling about nightclubs
Where Are You From: San Francisco
Your Favorite Place: San Francisco

Hi there, I somehow landed on your site, and noticed many similar things. I lived in Mpls. from 85 thru 87. I used to DJ, and still have an interest in dance and indie music. I live on Castro Street in San Francisco, and just enjoyed seeing all the things on your site. So, I just wanted to say hey, and that is about all. Don't you love the internet? I mean, it is fun to stumble upon people with similar interests. BTW, I used to work at Pam Sherman's Bakery and Cafe on Hennepin way back then. Geez, the memories. Anyway, take care.

Name: Scott B.
Date: Tue Jun 20 20:34:20 2006
How Did You Find My Site: search engine
Where Are You From: chagrin falls, ohio
Your Favorite Place: cape may, n.j

i remember swimming in the pool in the late

60's early 70's. going bowling in the basement.

can't believe it's gone.

scott b.

Name: Ms. L. Kurij
Date: Tue Jun 13 5:34:25 2006
How Did You Find My Site: I was there and followed a link to your Studio 54 page.
Where Are You From:
Your Favorite Place:

I have only read about Studio 54, and about your father. Am very sorry to hear about what your dad went through. Was born late in my parents' lives and was their first and only child, and now they are both gone. I learned lots about Studio 54 on that page....thx for putting/maintaining these pages.


Name: Patrick Meyer
Home Page: The Cousins Queer
Date: Mon Jun 05 22:45:41 2006
How Did You Find My Site: Searching Google
Where Are You From: Hillsdale, NJ
Your Favorite Place:

Recently for some reason I have been searching these old amusement part areas. Asbury Park for some reason hits me hardest. maybe fond memories from my past. I visited "Down The Street" once but pushed it aside for "Paradise" once it opened. I recall being in Asbury Park for gay pride in 1999 or 2000 and recall the state of the downtown area. It's so depressing to see it in shambles. I view these pictures and just imagine that the city could have been restored to it's once glory days. I live in the south now and have only my memories and these picture on these various sites to remind me. Thank you for such an informative site. You have done a great job representing Asbury Park.


Name: (Private Entry)
Thu May 25 14:54:56 2006
How Did You Find My Site: by accident
Where Are You From: longbranch, living in oklahoma city
Your Favorite Place: asbury park when i was a kid

my grand mother owned a jewelry store on cookman ave. it was called abrams jewelers. used to love going to the store with her and having lunch at the press box. i will also never forget ice skating on sunset lake, my grandmother lived across from there on emory st.


Name: stephanie
Home Page:
Date: Wed May 17 11:14:34 2006
How Did You Find My Site: google search
Where Are You From: Grew up in NY moved to Asbury 2 years ago
Your Favorite Place: Asbury Park

While your history may be true, I really think that you need to update your site. Asbury is doing much better now and I am happy to live here. If people do a google search and come across your site it will chase them away from Asbury. It really has turned around here and if more people would come down here and see all the changes and how lovely it is, it could regain its fallen glory


Name: Paul
Home Page:
Date: Tue May 09 22:13:42 2006
How Did You Find My Site: google
Where Are You From: virginia
Your Favorite Place: Used to be the Christian Admiral

Thanks for the great web page. My wife and I met there, worked there, and were married in that great lobby. My wife was escorted down the steps into the lobby by her father. We can't bear to go back to Cape May. To look at the "empty" lot would be like looking at a grave.


Name: johnnycb
Date: Mon May 01 3:21:20 2006
How Did You Find My Site: searched for "studio 54"
Where Are You From: san diego via NYC and Boston
Your Favorite Place: Provincetown

Hey, I just wanted to let you know, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your life and experiences on your site. My search for "Studio 54" was the connection, but then I started reading and found so many parallels to your life within mine and was entranced. I just wanted to say "Thanks" for putting the energy out there to share this stuff. You make a difference in the world with what you have done.


Name: Tony Chavez
Date: Tue Apr 11 19:25:46 2006
How Did You Find My Site: surfing
Where Are You From: Redwood City, CA
Your Favorite Place: Redwood City, CA

I have a special interest for East Coast history and all things nostalgic.

Name: Melyssa
Date: Wed Mar 22 15:47:04 2006
How Did You Find My Site: school project --just passed your website and loved it!!
Where Are You From: PA
Your Favorite Place: The ocean i love jersey

I hope to see Asbury thriving again. It seemed it be magnificent from your story.

Name: dave
Date: Wed Mar 15 13:18:56 2006
How Did You Find My Site: surfing the net
Where Are You From: wisconsin

I used to go to all these place when i was a kid and lived in long branch. i have lots of memories going to asbury park when i was young. Its sad to see all of that get torn down. I also seen that the pier in long branch burned down also years ago. wow have times changed. You have a great site and would love to see more stuff added


Name: penelope Bowler
Date: Mon Feb 20 13:20:10 2006
How Did You Find My Site: Google
Where Are You From: Asbury Park/NYC
Your Favorite Place: The Casino, since the Palace is gone.

I grew up at 511 6th AVE. From 1975- 1988, when I moved to NYc after the sale of our house. Thanks for this site there are not enough people who understand the importance of the city's History. I know property values have risen and a revitalization is imminent.

Name: Linda
Date: Sun Feb 12 22:59:32 2006
How Did You Find My Site: looking for pictures of asbury
Where Are You From: born in union N.J. now live in covington ohio
Your Favorite Place: The board walk when I was little

Name: Alberto Perez
Date: Fri Feb 10 2:22:57 2006
How Did You Find My Site: I used to live there(1982-90)
Where Are You From: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Your Favorite Place: Sandys Arcade

I was to young to really get to visit every spot there was in Asbury, but i can tell you as Brian Adams would say "those where the best days of my life". Used to live in Asbury Ave. 601

Name: Anna
Date: Wed Feb 01 0:07:58 2006
How Did You Find My Site: Google
Where Are You From: Minnesota

I am looking for pictures or news articles on a bar named "Frank's Place." My grandmother's dad owned it and his name was Frank Flett. There were three locations he had (not at the same time) 66th and Cedar, 41st and Minnehaha, and 44th and Minnehaha. If you have any information, please let me know!

Name: Mike
Date: Thu Jan 19 9:40:40 2006
How Did You Find My Site: internet
Where Are You From: stafford england
Your Favorite Place: home

came to Asbury Park in 1999 waited all day hoping to get a ticket to see Bruce, although i am not from NJ i felt as if i belonged, did't get that ticket, had to listen from outside the convention hall.i will return at some time in the future, good luck.


Name: Beverly
Date: Sun Jan 15 20:53:36 2006
How Did You Find My Site: Websearch

Thank you

Name: Sal
Date: Sun Jan 08 19:40:16 2006
How Did You Find My Site: CHANCE
Where Are You From: ANDERSON, SC
Your Favorite Place:


Name: Bob
Date: Mon Jan 02 0:58:34 2006
How Did You Find My Site: typed in asbury park google
Where Are You From: parlin, nj
Your Favorite Place: convention hall

I enjoyed the site and all the links, looking at the pictures brought back a lot of fond memories, I wish it could be like I remember it when I was younger.

Name: Private
Date: Sun Jan 01 17:03:35 2006
How Did You Find My Site: google
Where Are You From: Newton New Hampshire
Your Favorite Place: new jersey

January 1,06

today i just came back from Edison NJ and yesterday my family who lives there and my stepmother and father who comes from new hampshire all went to Asbury park. my stepmother remembers when she was a teenager going there.she said sho used to go to the cosmopolatin hotel wich now looks so scary


Name: Steven
Date: Mon Dec 19 21:47:21 2005
How Did You Find My Site: Looking for the lyrics to The Calling's "Wherever You Will Go"
Where Are You From: Northern Chicago suburb
Your Favorite Place: Fort Lauderdale

We seemed to have both yearned for The Calling's "Wherever You Will Go." I've been involved in a relationship with another man who has stated some of the same things as iterated in the song and it pulls my heart strings. Thanks for providing this.

Name: tia arleth
Home Page: stpaul history in images
Date: Sun Dec 18 11:13:36 2005
How Did You Find My Site: i looked up "the history of saint paul"
Where Are You From: Minnesota
Your Favorite Place: vally fair

this page was kewl, i would visit all the time if i didn't have a life which i do, but any way it was a very good site with lots of information, and it would help anyone thats do a progect on stpaul, but maybe you could put a little bit more on that site about stpaul, like its past presant future, well thats just my opinion, so e-mail me wut cha think


Name: Marcia Mandel
Date: Thu Dec 15 18:23:27 2005
How Did You Find My Site: google search for Asbury Park
Where Are You From: Wanamassa/Asbury Park
Your Favorite Place: Marco Island ,Fl- my newest home

I went to Asbury High School for freshman & sophmore years before Ocean High opened. Worked on the boardwalk-cruised the circuit- even waitressed at the Berkley Carteret Hotel as a teenager.loved every minute! I was heartbroken to see it die a slow death.

Name: Miestorm
Date: Thu Dec 15 14:20:10 2005
How Did You Find My Site: looking for stuff on Studio 54
Where Are You From: Long Island
Your Favorite Place: the beach


I worked and played at Studio 54 from 1977 to 1982, and my life there was the most incredible time a teenager could have ever amagined, I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have been selected by Steve Rubell {aka} Uncle Stevie, as I called him, to play in his paridise. Im presently working on a book about my life untill 1986, and will include 2000 photographs, many of them I took at Studio 54 with my first Nikomat, the book will be very scandelous.

peaceout, Miestorm


Name: Nick
Date: Tue Nov 15 18:49:15 2005
How Did You Find My Site: yahoo search for pictures of asbury park
Where Are You From: new jersey
Your Favorite Place: anywhere with good friends

great site. its a shame how a piece of my childhood turned out like this. keep up any updates

Name: dave s
Date: Sun Nov 06 8:40:44 2005
How Did You Find My Site: surfed the net
Where Are You From: Wisconsin

I just found your website and thought it was great. I used to spend my summers in long branch in the 70s and went to asbury park alot. I cant beleive how bad the place looks, but it brought back alot of memories. keep the site updated so I can see what it looks like now....thanks


Name: Michael
Home Page:
Date: Fri Oct 28 0:34:53 2005
How Did You Find My Site: Search
Where Are You From: Chicago
Your Favorite Place: All over the U.S.

I like your 54 page, its informative and catchy, also your photo album is nice


Name: John
Date: Thu Oct 27 9:22:37 2005

I was impressed with your site since this theme is very close and important for me. Do not stop and continue! You know, I even have written to myself to the future letter with a reminder on your site ( I hope, in 30 years I shall be again the visitor of your site. Up to a meeting!

Name: Wayne
Home Page:
Date: Wed Oct 19 14:20:27 2005
How Did You Find My Site: surfing
Where Are You From: North Jersey
Your Favorite Place: Hawaii

I enjoyed reading your site. Thanks!


Name: Rob Dunnigan
Date: Sat Oct 08 15:06:25 2005
How Did You Find My Site: looking for St Paul history
Where Are You From: St Paul
Your Favorite Place: The Past


Name: Tony
Home Page:
Date: Fri Sep 30 10:11:19 2005
How Did You Find My Site: google
Where Are You From: Georgia
Your Favorite Place: Tybee Island, GA

hey, we make big art prints from vintage postcards from America's Beach Towns. We've got some really neat cards from Asbury park, as well as other beach towns along the Jersey Shore. Go have a look.


Name: Kim Alston
Date: Tue Sep 20 11:06:36 2005
How Did You Find My Site: Yahoo search
Where Are You From: Asbury Park, NJ currently living in Atlanta, GA
Your Favorite Place: The Palace

I'm originally from Asbury Park. I left in 1993 and It's so hard to find out information about what's going on. I'm not talking about the stuff in the papers, but the real information from people who live there. I'm planning on going to visit this winter. I really miss the Asbury I grew up in during the 80s


Name: Jon Gennaro
Date: Sun Sep 11 20:58:32 2005
How Did You Find My Site: looking up info about Portland
Where Are You From: Originally South Jersey...Marin County, CA (12 yrs)
Your Favorite Place: hmm...I don't think I've found it yet

I'm thinking of moving to Portland, but I'm not sure...I'm WAY over the high priced living of CA...and potential earthquakes.

Nice are a great writer!


Name: Private Entry
Date: Fri Sep 09 1:28:44 2005
How Did You Find My Site: Google search on Studio 54
Where Are You From: Coloma Michigan
Your Favorite Place: Chapleau Ontario

Really nice web site that really gives a "slice" of you Chris. I hope that you do find that right guy. I finally found mine after many years. My best wishes for your life to stay as interesting but maybe not so hectic ;)


Name: Christy Kuppler
Date: Mon Sep 05 20:13:52 2005
How Did You Find My Site: Thru Google
Where Are You From: Originally from Linden, NJ, now reside in Ocean Gate, NJ
Your Favorite Place: Used to be Asbury Park, NJ!

As a kid, Asbury Park was THE place to go, as was Keansburg, NJ. I liked Asbury better, tho. Every summer, we'd spend weekends at the old Metropolis Hotel, and enjoyed the boardwalk and the beach during the day. There was a wonderful Greek deli not too far from the boardwalk, and we always bought Feta cheese and Kalamata olives, and Halvah. I remember the free organ concerts at the Convention Center, and loved the Merry Go Round, with the Golden Ring at the Palace Amusements. I have such fond and happy memories of Asbury Park, and it's a tragic shame that it has been allowed to fall into such disrepair, and sadder still to know that the Palace is gone. I have pictures of Tillie, I took them when I rode the skyride. It was always my favorite place to go in the 60', and 70's.


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