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Name: Don Schulze
Date: Thu Aug 25 17:33:23 2005
How Did You Find My Site: I did a web search
Where Are You From: Now: Nashville, TN Then: Keyport, NJ
Your Favorite Place: None in particular

As a high school student attending Keyport H.S. (1970-74) my best friend (Jim Sheridan) and I used to skip school then catch the train in Matawan and head to Asbury Park. That was our destination of choice, even now I don't know why, there was just that attraction. We even went as far as riding our bicycles there and back in one day (all for the reward of getting a free coke from the local pizza place). As we were discussing, we made Asbury Park famous before Bruce Springsteen, because everybody in school knew that if we weren't in school, we were probably at Asbury Park, doing nothing in particular, except creating great memories. I do have some pictures I took from my last visit (2003) if anybody's interested, including one of The Palace. I rode thru, stopping every now and then, just trying to preserve some of those memories. Well, I guess there's still Seaside Heights :)


Name: Trudy Mark
Home Page:
Date: Tue Aug 23 14:34:40 2005
How Did You Find My Site: Looking for Asbury Park, NJ
Where Are You From: Matawan, NJ
Your Favorite Place:

Many years ago when I was about 8-11 years old my family went to Asbury Park every summer. My Dad woke me up at 6AM each morning to watch the British Navy train at the Berkeley Carteret Hotel in Asbury Prk, NJ. I also played miniature golf and rode the paddle boats.


Name: Michael A Gennario
Date: Sun Aug 21 16:36:15 2005
How Did You Find My Site: yahoo
Where Are You From: Buckskin Mtn AZ
Your Favorite Place: Colorado River

I grew up in Asbury Park I went to Bond St School and was a altar boy at Holy Spirit Church but on Friday and Sat night it was time for Upstage.Over Tom MCans Shoe store on Cookman Ave for a buck fifty you could dance all night I miss the boardwalk the Casino and the Palace .but you forgot to mention the old Mayfair Theater too wow Asbury looks like hell what happened?

Date: Sun Aug 21 0:36:51 2005
How Did You Find My Site: Just surfing for Studio 54 stuff
Where Are You From: Massachusetts
Your Favorite Place: Ft Lauderdale

Between 1975 and 1977, I was a bartender at a gay club called the Odyssey. It was one of two clubs (besides the baths) in Asbury Park at the time. It was Disco's prime time. On the weekends you couldn't move in the club and the crowd spilled out onto the sidewalks. It was without a doubt one of the best times of my life. Play all night and lay on the beach all day.


Name: Private
Date: Sat Aug 20 13:08:15 2005
How Did You Find My Site: Yahoo Search
Where Are You From: East Orange, NJ
Your Favorite Place: The 2 merry-go-rounds with gold rings !

I'm 62 now. Spent MANY happy hours at Asbury Park from 1954-1964. Saw recent pics that son took---AWFUL--very upsetting. Hope things will change.


Name: Ron Ranella
Date: Tue Aug 16 13:37:46 2005
How Did You Find My Site:
Where Are You From: Clarks Summit
Your Favorite Place: PA


Name: Don
Date: Mon Aug 15 18:18:28 2005
How Did You Find My Site: google
Where Are You From: New Jersey

Do you have more history about Asbury Park and it's downfall. The scandals in goverment in your book. I am very sad what happen to Asbury Park in the years since my childhood. I am 58 years old.


Name: amanda
Date: Mon Aug 15 13:06:32 2005
How Did You Find My Site: by search
Where Are You From: jersey city
Your Favorite Place: central ave.

cool dude


Name: Frank Cirminiello
Date: Wed Aug 03 17:21:23 2005
How Did You Find Us: Google
Where Are You From: Boston MA
Your Favorite Place: Danny's Lounge...was in Asbury Park 1972

originally from Long Branch..spent many fun times in Asbury Park when it was a bustling year round community


Name: Joyce Colhouer
Date: Thu Jul 28 16:18:19 2005
How Did You Find Us: browsing internet
Where Are You From: Baltimore, MD
Your Favorite Place: Disney World!

I was fascinated about all the cats you've loved and felt moved to sign the guest book. I have 1 dear cat, Johnboy, whom my dear friends Tom & Barry gave me in 1994 because they already had 5 cats. Johnboy is probably about 13 years old, so every day with him is appreciated. He really is a sweet, gentle soul. Best wishes to you and yours.


Name: Andy Economos
Date: Sun Jul 24 22:18:30 2005
How Did You Find Us: Q-guys (I'm "amstel" there)
Where Are You From: Atlanta, GA
Your Favorite Place:

We sound very similar, except I'm not in my 20's. Your website was well designed and you put a lot of thought & feelings into it. It nice to see a gay guy who doesn't have his brain between his legs!

Most of all I enjoyed your deceased kitty's page with photos. I just lost my cat of 13 years last month.

Anyway, if you are ever in Atlanta let me know, would love to meet you as a friend if nothing else.

Wishing you the best!




Name: Pamela Spengler
Date: Mon Jul 18 15:23:41 2005
How Did You Find Us: google search
Where Are You From: Originally- Bradley Beach NJ
Your Favorite Place: My memories of Asbury Park in my head

Some of my favorite memories are going to Palace Amusements with my Poppop when I was 5 or 6 and seeing the scary King Kong monkey. I loved riding the ferris wheel and when you get to the top, you could see the whole view of Asbury Park. Also, me and my sister still laugh about the time my mother would go shopping at Steinbach's and we would hit the elevator button and then run and hide behind a rack of clothes...waiting for the elevator doorman to step out of the elevator to see who called the elevator to that floor. I remember going to see a special ballet of "Peter Pan" at the convention center. Plus, I enjoy looking at all the photos of me and my sister riding the rides on the boardwalk. The whole "fall" of Asbury Park is a shame. The politicians should be ashamed of themselves. I have nothing to show my own children what made up my wonderful childhood memories.


Name: David W. Sawicki
Date: Sat Jul 02 12:41:07 2005
How Did You Find Us: Google search
Where Are You From: Orig. Neptune City - Now, Fairhaven, MA
Your Favorite Place: The Jersey Shore . . . Home Sweet Home

Very good job on your site. I have bookmarked it under favorites and will check from time-to-time hoping to find some updates. BTW, my first job was at the North End Ocean Grove Bath House. Later that year my father took over the Twin City Garage on North Main Street in Ocean Grove - now Shore Automatic Transmissions owned and operated by friend and classmate Ray Wolfe


Name: Private
Date: Sun Jun 05 16:03:27 2005
Where Are You From: VIRGINIA



Name: micheal
Home Page:
Date: Tue May 31 12:02:53 2005
How Did You Find Us:
Where Are You From: CT
Your Favorite Place:

Whatever happened to the Odyssey Nightclub on Cookman owned by Ray Pallazzo in the 80's, anyone know?


Name: Patty 
Date: Mon May 30 14:34:59 2005
How Did You Find Us: Have old Steinbach Credit Care-Checked to see if still in Business in NJ
Where Are You From: Born and Raised in NJ
Your Favorite Place: Freehold Boro where I went to School, Asbury, Long Branch, Seaside, Great Adventures, Thompson Park in Lincroft, Red Bank-Coffee House and Marine Park,

I Love New Jersey!!!!! However, I live in Florida...the weather is so nice here. I visit NJ often. NJ is home to me.


Name: Private
Home Page:
Date: Mon May 23 16:12:03 2005
How Did You Find Us: google
Where Are You From: morgantown, wv
Your Favorite Place: spring lake

I worked in asbury park during the summer of 1948 -- when I was 14 -- for a photographer somewhere not far from the carousel. I loved the boardwalk and the amusements with all the carney people who ran them. They were very nice to me, just a kid. We took color slides of people with a 35 mm camera (then rather new) and punched them out in a circle and put them into little plastic telescopes for $1. The boss was named Rod Meltzer and I made $18 a week -- enough to pay my way from my home in Freehold and buy lunches all week. I loved the job and I loved asbury park. Too bad. Thanks for your very informative website.

Mary Gutmann


Name: Kimberly Carmean
Date: Fri May 20 12:36:25 2005
How Did You Find Us: web page
Where Are You From: CA.
Your Favorite Place: CA.

I believe my great-grandfather John or Pat Ryan owned or had ownership in the Ryan Hotel.


Name: Lenora
Date: Sat May 14 23:12:52 2005
How Did You Find Us: Internet
Where Are You From: Asbury Park, NJ
Your Favorite Place: BoardwalkAsbury Park

I always remember going after church on

Sundays with my sisters to swin in the summers and riding the rides. Every 4th of July seeing the fireworks. I missed the old boardwalk


Name: richard rippel
Date: Mon May 09 12:56:51 2005
How Did You Find Us: web
Where Are You From: brookhaven, pa
Your Favorite Place: cape may , new jersey

thank you for creating this website. i LOVED the Admiral, and as a matter of fact, just got back today from Cape May!


Name: andrea pereira
Date: Sat May 07 11:06:12 2005
How Did You Find Us: just looking around for ghost towns in nj
Where Are You From: maplewood, nj
Your Favorite Place: any shore point in nj

it makes me sad to see what has happened to asbury park. my cousin used to live there and we spent many hours just walking around and exploring all the creepy areas and abandoned businesses in asbury park. everytime i go back every once in a blue, i hope things will look better, or something has been built. i'd really like to see that town flourish eventually, especially noe that i'll be living in toms river, i feel that it has do muxh history that it needs to be preserved!


Name: thomas alcorn
Date: Fri May 06 20:41:14 2005
How Did You Find Us: Looking for info on my childhood hangouts
Where Are You From: Currently Casper, Wyoming
Your Favorite Place: The Mayfair Theatre

I blew my mind when I saw scenes in "city by the sea" that made asbury park a war zone. I lived in Neptune, N.J. from 1950 till 1976 when I got itchy feet and moved around the country. Loved going down to the beach when I was a kid. Have some interesting pics of the boardwalk from the early 70's which I have just scanned and reprinted thanks for the article..


Name: Ada
Date: Fri Apr 29 20:06:13 2005
How Did You Find Us: my daughter googled asbury park
Where Are You From: Asbury Park
Your Favorite Place: the beach

I was born & raised in Asbury Park. I moved to Maryland 5 years ago but I still go back & visit quite often(it's still home). I hope Asbury Park "comes back to life". I miss the good ole days.


Name: Private
Date: Fri Apr 22 5:23:46 2005
How Did You Find Us: friend
Where Are You From: central Pennsylvania

We spent many summers at Asbury Park in the 1970's . It is sad to see it like it is now.


Name: Bonnie
Date: Mon Mar 21 12:30:18 2005
How Did You Find Us: Google
Where Are You From: Jersey Shore

The information provided on the historical landmarks of Asbury has greatly helped me with a semester project I am working on for a class on the redevelopment of NJ and the effect upon our history. Thanks! You have an awesome web site!


Name: Frank Vecchione
Date: Sun Mar 20 16:47:35 2005
Where Are You From: Ocean, New Jersey

Born in Asbury Park. Lived and worked here until 1978. First job in the Palace AMUSEMENT was picking up rings for Merry-go-round tickets in 1931.


Name: Private
Date: Sat Mar 12 10:24:01 2005
How Did You Find Us: internet looking for easter happenings
Where Are You From: Garfield NJ
Your Favorite Place: Beach, palace, shows, my bumper cards, roller coaster, etc.

Asbury Park has very special memories for me. As a young working adult it was a closer drive then other places. My parents looked forward to my weekly bringing home of hot peanuts before I left. Oh the cotton candy stands... candy stores. Even shipped candy from there to a boyfriend who was in the navy. My niece/nephew loved it. Especially the fun house. I had them down several times a mo. Loved the boardwalk's food. Sometimes only for a day and then the bathhouse was great. Rented a room in a house on 2nd Ave. all the time. I am so so so sadden to lose such a great place. There will always be a special place in my heart for Asbury that can never be replaced by any other amusement place...ever.


Name: Leslie
Home Page:'U'MoreThenEver
Date: Thu Mar 10 9:43:03 2005
How Did You Find Us:
Where Are You From: Bound Brook NJ
Your Favorite Place: Asbury Park

ive live in new jersey all my life and it wasn't till a couple of years ago that i was able to explore asbury for what it is...i think its wonderful that they are trying to restore it but at the same time i feel asbury will lose it rundown ghost town feel i like...asbury is a wonderful town and it needs to be brought back to life....good luck to everyone who is making this dream possible for all of us!


Name: cathy
Date: Sun Mar 06 18:02:57 2005
How Did You Find Us: internet
Where Are You From: i am from new jersey live in texas
Your Favorite Place: asbury park

I had a boyfriend that lived in Asbury park and my friend Rona lived there. i am from north jersey. When Rona and i graduated from high school in 1965 we got a job that summer transporting people up and down the boardwalk on the converted golf carts. it saddens me to see what was vibrant resort to what it is now. i would spend my summers down there. i loved it.


Name: Audrey T. Jones
Date: Tue Mar 01 10:20:39 2005
How Did You Find Us: internet
Where Are You From: I grew up in Asbury Park, now in Apex, NC
Your Favorite Place: The beach; the jetties

I would like for AP to be recreated to look like it used to. The amusement rides games and food are greatly missed on the boardwalk. Great childhood memories only within walking distance from our house. We grew up on Third Avenue


Name: C.Candelori
Date: Sat Feb 26 19:47:47 2005
How Did You Find Us: AOL Search Engine
Where Are You From: Hamilton,NJ
Your Favorite Place: Long Beach Island, NJ

I hope that Asbury Park can be renovated and cleaned. Looking at the pictures from years ago, and hearing my mom tell stories about how nice it was when she would hang out there with her friends. I've never been there myself- but I would like to go.


Name: Ed Carelli
Date: Fri Feb 25 14:16:31 2005
How Did You Find Us: Google search
Where Are You From: Boca Raton, Fl.
Your Favorite Place: Home...The Jersey Shore

I grew up in Long Branch and spent endless summer nights driving the loop in Asbury Park. The best time of my life. It's a shame to see what happened to the shore towns over the years.


Name: Private
Date: Sat Feb 19 17:24:19 2005
How Did You Find Us: researching my post cards vintage
Where Are You From: originally from jersey shore
Your Favorite Place: belmar/spring lake beach nj

I felt inclined to write a note. I collect post cards of the Jersey Shore, particularly Asbury Park. I have a post card that has "Ashbury Park" typo, neat. My husband and I recently took black and white photos of Asbury Park with our cameras. Always a nostalic feeling.


Name: Private
Date: Tue Feb 15 8:51:43 2005
How Did You Find Us: looked up asbury park
Where Are You From: born hillside nj live laurence harbor now
Your Favorite Place: walking the beach

i was 5 yrs old in 1950 and mom &pop always took me to asbury pk- i remember those places and how grand they were-- thanks for the memories


Name: Private
Home Page:
Date: Tue Feb 08 12:54:28 2005
How Did You Find Us: google
Where Are You From: Switzerland
Your Favorite Place: Saint Paul Oakfield

Hallo, I found a very old letter from a Mister John Alt, Doctor /animals)

Oakfield Box Sainct Paul, Minnesota.

The letter ist from 11.Juni 1866.

Mr. Alt tells about his journey and his first beginning in Oakfield Saint Paul.

I wonder if there is stell a family

Alt living in Saint Paul.

The Dr. John Alt cam from Switzerland

from Kanton Bern

With best regard Barbara Kummer


Name: Chirs Bourgeois
Date: Fri Feb 04 10:01:12 2005
How Did You Find Us: searching on google
Where Are You From: colorado
Your Favorite Place: under my parents bed

I find it amazing that there is another Chris out in the world that is gay like me. My live partner of 3 months is Becca, whom i donated my scrotom to! JK LOL JK LOL but not really...

I 'd love to meet you sometime but i never will probably ;) Peace out


Name: Private
Date: Fri Jan 28 9:29:22 2005
How Did You Find Us: web search for real estate in Asbury
Where Are You From: NJ, living in Atlanta GA
Your Favorite Place: Asbury Park 1970


Name: Linda Turner
Date: Sun Jan 23 20:54:20 2005
How Did You Find Us: searching for info on Asbury Park
Where Are You From: Connecticut

I have a painted cat figurine that my mother received when she was about 8 years old (she is now 89). It was given to her by a relative who won it at Asbury Park.

Name: Audrey Bray
Date: Thu Jan 20 19:29:46 2005
How Did You Find Us: yahoo search
Where Are You From: Nowhere
Your Favorite Place: asbury Park

Asbury really is a beautiful place but if it would only if it looked like it use to it would be an even better place!

Name: James Bryant
Date: Sun Jan 16 9:51:54 2005
How Did You Find Us: google
Where Are You From: Born: Neptune NJ Class of "59"

Had some wonderful times as a teen in Asbury, on the strip as we called it, and we cruised it every weekend in the spring and summer.


Name: Oliver Chamberlain
Date: Fri Jan 14 14:24:00 2005
How Did You Find Us: searching for post cards of Asbury Park
Where Are You From: Live outside Boston, MA

Visited Asbury Park in October, 2004; was dismayed to find the boardwalk area deserted and not looking good.

Date: Fri Jan 14 14:09:01 2005
How Did You Find Us: SEARCH ENGINE
Where Are You From: NEPTUNE, NJ
Your Favorite Place: ASBURY PARK BOARDWALK!!!


Name: Private
Date: Wed Dec 22 12:53:32 2004
How Did You Find Us:
Where Are You From: Atlantic Highlands NJ
Your Favorite Place:

I will be a Sales Associate involved in the redevelopment process here in Asbury. I'm intrigued by its history and wish to learn more. Perhaps you have vintage photos, which can be displayed in our Sales Center. Please contact me if you are interested. THank you.

Name: Carol Hester
Date: Mon Dec 13 21:11:38 2004
How Did You Find Us: Google search
Where Are You From: Elizabeth, NJ
Your Favorite Place: the merry go round

I live in Alabama and haven't been back to Asbury Park in 25 years. I bought Weird NJ this past weekend and was shocked to see what's happened to Asbury-I knew it had gone downhill, but not that it was gone period! Another chunk of my childhood torn away!


Name: Bill
Home Page:
Date: Tue Dec 07 15:28:09 2004
Where Are You From: ASBURY PARK 1935- 1953


Name: Courtney Cawley
Date: Thu Dec 02 11:10:46 2004
How Did You Find Us: Looking up ghost towns on internet
Where Are You From: Hastings Nebraska

Hey i like all the facts and information on the Asbury Park and i know alot more about then what i started off knwoing

Name: Bill
Home Page:
Date: Wed Dec 01 14:19:29 2004
How Did You Find Us: my old home town
Where Are You From: grew up in asbury 1935 to 1953
Your Favorite Place: boardwalk

I wish every one could have seen the old town at its best. It will never regain its grace.

Name: Barbarella
Date: Mon Nov 01 21:06:32 2004
How Did You Find Us: internet
Where Are You From: Easton,Pa.
Your Favorite Place: Asbury Park

The decay is reaching criminal & heart rending proportions. The poor carousel building is vacant, boarded. One of two of the last copper sea horses are crumbling off the Casino building. Areas of both Convention Hall & the beautiful 1929 Convention Center are becoming structurely unsound requiring walkways to be cordoned off. Historically significant buildings are beginning to look beyond salvage. What can be done to save it??

Name: Erich R. Schwab
Date: Mon Oct 25 7:51:49 2004
How Did You Find Us: Doing a little "boardwalk' research
Where Are You From: Wall, NJ, now living in San Antonio, TX
Your Favorite Place: Allaire, NJ

I grew up on the NJ boardwalks. My family would occasionally go to the amusements in the summer (from Asbury thru Seaside)but I always preferred walking the boards in the winter, whether it was Belmar, Sea Girt, or wherever we would stop. When I was a newlywed in '82, we got our first apartment in Ocean Grove, and every morning, I would walk our dog across the lake into Asbury, right past the Palace, up to the beach and home. That big neon smile was there (though not always on) all of my life. In the summer, a guy named Bass would make paintings of beaches, grass, and old boats. The girls would let him paint them right on their jean pockets and were lovingly called a "Bass Ass".

I've been in the Air Force for 20 years, and will likely retire in TX, but in all of my travels there has never been a place to equal the Jersey shore as it was for me. Even San Antonio's famed River Walk holds nothing to my memories of walking the was a way of life.


Name: Jesse
Home Page: Mural art
Date: Sat Oct 16 23:16:29 2004
How Did You Find Us: random links
Where Are You From: long branch
Your Favorite Place: long branch

Thanks for this site, congratulation and my best wishes!

Name: Colleen
Date: Thu Oct 07 13:52:26 2004
How Did You Find Us: Classmates
Where Are You From: Great town of Bayville, NJ


I'm glad to see you are doing what you always wanted to do.




Name: Ricky Alcantara
Date: Tue Sep 21 15:14:34 2004
Where Are You From: Lambertville, NJ
Your Favorite Place: Anywhere w/ good friends

Hey Sis,

So the saga continues. I'm so glad you have decided to lay down roots once again. However, I am sad that we won't be closer. I'll be keeping tabs on you through this site. Never forget the memories and the depth of our friendship. TTYL


Name: Priscilla Langwasser
Date: Mon Sep 20 21:17:50 2004
How Did You Find Us: classmates
Where Are You From: Newark, Ohio
Your Favorite Place: Ocean Gate

Hi Chris, I used to be Priscilla Lowe. Saw your site on classmates. I miss NJ and the memories of growing up near the beach but Ohio's a lot cheaper to live...I guess because there's no beach!

Name: Joey Johns
Home Page:
Date: Tue Sep 14 8:18:00 2004
How Did You Find Us: email
Where Are You From: Holly springs, NC
Your Favorite Place: Disneyworld with Laura

Glad to read more about your life. You were certainly the best DJ and host we ever encountered. We will always remember you as an important part of our civil joining. Good luck always, Joey and Laura


Name: Rae Saparito
Date: Fri Sep 10 8:42:37 2004
How Did You Find Us:
Where Are You From: Ocean Gate
Your Favorite Place:

Hi, Chris.

I'm not sure if you remember me. I was Rae Adams....I'm hoping all is well with you. I love your website and was really looking forward to seeing you....I'd love to hear from you.



Name: Vivian Thomas
Date: Wed Sep 01 23:18:31 2004
Where Are You From: Originally Asbury Park, New Jersey

Love the site. Homesick when I see these pictures. Graduated AP High School. Presently live in Miami, Fla., but always thinking of home. You can tell that by my email address. Keep up the good work.


Name: Brian Hurley
Date: Fri Aug 06 17:05:48 2004
How Did You Find Us: Surfin
Where Are You From: Illinois (Formerly Eatontown)
Your Favorite Place: The Circuit

Grew up in Jersey....Hung out on the circuit when it was there.....Concerts at Convention Hall and Casino...Ocean spray in my face on those long nights

Name: Chris Cook
Date: Tue Aug 03 13:45:44 2004
How Did You Find Us: google search
Where Are You From: Ocean Twsp, NJ
Your Favorite Place:

Hello, I grew up in Ocean Tswp. and often visited Asbury throughout the years. I recently purchased a house that was owned by Madame Marie, a gypsie who ran a tarrot card and palm reading business out of the house as well as a hut on the Asbury boardwalk for years. I am searching for information on her, newspaper stories, pictures etc.. any help would be very much appreciated and help preserve some of the magnificent wonders that made up so many memories. Thank you and continued success in your efforts

Name: alice drobney
Date: Fri Jul 30 6:49:24 2004
How Did You Find Us: typed Asbury park in my search engine
Where Are You From: lehighton, pa.
Your Favorite Place: The Casino

I lived in Ocean Grove, but worked and played in Asbury Park in the 40's. I remember the British sailors roaming the boardwalk.


Name: DJ
Home Page: Teen Asbury Park
Date: Mon Jul 19 18:33:15 2004
How Did You Find Us: Searching!
Where Are You From: NJ
Your Favorite Place: Asbury Park


Great job on the site, especially the Asbury Park section! No, the Ambassador isn't getting demolished, it is going to be converted into condos (or so they say.)

Nice to see pictures of the "new" Empress, I am going to be heading down there this or next week to get some shots of the Hotel for my site.

Good job and keep up the great work!

P.S. There is an Asbury Park webring now, if you want to join!;action=list


Name: Amanda Hayden
Home Page:
Date: Sun Jul 11 13:42:15 2004
Where Are You From: Garfield, NJ
Your Favorite Place: The Palace Amusements, Asbury Park, NJ

My name is Amanda Hayden. I'm 15 years-old, and I am from Garfield, NJ. I've been following the history and the journey of the Palace Amusements for years. I've started a site,, with the domain name and web space my father bought me. My mission is to have Tillie's face and the Palace Amusements immortalized on a US Postage Stamp. I think it is a great way to preserve the memories, honor its history and glory, and let Tillie continue to bring smiles to everyone! Please check out the site, sign the petition, and pass the link on. We need all the help we can get! Sincerely, Amanda M. Hayden


Name: Leandro Dias
Date: Wed Jun 16 0:02:11 2004
How Did You Find Us: by google
Where Are You From: brazil
Your Favorite Place: Brasil


Name: Marlena
Date: Mon Jun 14 11:54:33 2004
How Did You Find Us: yahoo
Where Are You From: knowlton, nj

thank you! Asbury park is a beautiful place even if it is run down, the history is amazing, I can't wait to bring my mother back there when it is back! We are supporting the re-building of Asbury park!


Name: brian griffin
Date: Tue Jun 01 1:00:15 2004
How Did You Find Us:
Where Are You From: cuttingsville vt
Your Favorite Place:

really cool site. sorry i never made it to the inn, just found out about it, and live so close too.


Name: Doug Hay
Date: Sun May 30 19:25:00 2004
How Did You Find Us: Doing a search for ideas on how to sell my extensive collection of vintage Life Magazines
Where Are You From: Mill Rift, Pa. (Northeast Pa., near Milford)
Your Favorite Place: Mill Rift, Pa.

Got drawn into your site, after your old magazine hobby came up on a search for ideas on how to sell my extensive collection of old Life Magazines. Best wishes with all your life changes.


Name: Moe
Date: Wed May 19 7:51:18 2004
How Did You Find Us: Search
Where Are You From: NYC
Your Favorite Place: The Nightlife

doing a search on studio 54 came up on thi s very informative site, good job with the site and all.


Name: jessica patterson
Date: Mon May 10 17:21:12 2004
How Did You Find Us: in my search box
Where Are You From: minnesota
Your Favorite Place: my home

Name: joe moglia
Date: Sat Apr 24 22:49:34 2004
How Did You Find Us: surfing the net
Where Are You From: upstate ny
Your Favorite Place: summer day at shore


Name: Gil De Laat
Date: Thu Apr 08 15:52:04 2004
How Did You Find Us: searching about Asbury Park
Where Are You From: now unfortunately, Michigan
Your Favorite Place: Ridgewood, NJ (for living)

Wow, found this page and can't believe what happened to AP since the mid-60's. Its sad....but what about the progress....any new developes?


Name: Viviana
Date: Wed Mar 03 22:43:00 2004
How Did You Find Us: I was searching for info about Asbury Park, NJ
Where Are You From: Asbury Park, NJ
Your Favorite Place: Back in the 70's it was the Asbury Park boardwalk in the summer

I lived in Asbury Park from 1970 until 1981 when my father, a retired police officer of the APPD, passed away. Even though things were changing and the small town was beginning to suffer from loss of business and tourism, none of that mattered to an innocent, naive 15 year old who was about to be uprooted from her home and move to the notorious jungle of Washington, D.C. Now, 23 years later and four children of my own I still have not adapted to this enviornment and still truly miss my old hometown. I know Asbury is not what it once was but for those who understand, Asbury Park possesses and special, magical charm and the memories I have are timeless. I hope to one day soon return and try to recapture some of the joy I experience when I was still so young and innocent. I doesn't matter what it looks like now. When I see pictures of it's delapitated state I look right past that and remember I was there and there was the place to be.

Name: LM
Date: Wed Feb 04 10:22:18 2004
How Did You Find Us: I was searching for info on the history of Asbury Park
Where Are You From: Marlboro, NJ
Your Favorite Place: the beaches of California

Lots of great info on the history of A.P.

Name: Mary
Date: Fri Jan 30 20:23:07 2004
How Did You Find Us: My grandson
Where Are You From: New jersey
Your Favorite Place: carribean

on July 4, 1928 my mother and her friends went swimming in the ocean at asbury park. We have a photo of them in their rented bathing suits. The bathing suits have "Asbury Park" written across the chest. There are people in the background, on the boardwalk,in their 1920 garb.

She was just going to turn 18 years old in August.


Name: Robert Mooney
Date: Mon Jan 19 22:34:39 2004
How Did You Find Us: online
Where Are You From: Brick , New Jersey
Your Favorite Place: Florida since 1981

remember the old days crusing along the circuit in my 67 chevy belair coupe, mighty mouse , racing from light to light , just having some good old fun......... one could afford the gas prices in those days .Settled down now raising a family of 5 in sunny florida , semi retired , life is great .


Name: Drusilla
Date: Wed Jan 14 8:46:16 2004
How Did You Find Us: just doing a search
Where Are You From: Neptune
Your Favorite Place: boardwalk & park across from boardwalk

I went online looking for some the history of Asbury Park. My parents moved to Neptune after my dad retiered from FT.Mommouth/Army in 1968.There was still alot going on then Cookman Ave still had lots of business, Main Street had lots of shops & GoGo bars. Convention Hall was still a hub, I remember seeing the Temptation there. Springwood Ave was still a big part of the night life.


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