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Name: Drusilla
Date: Wed Jan 14 8:46:16 2004
How Did You Find Us: just doing a search
Where Are You From: Neptune
Your Favorite Place: boardwalk & park across from boardwalk

I went online looking for some the history of Asbury Park. My parents moved to Neptune after my dad retiered from FT.Mommouth/Army in 1968.There was still alot going on then Cookman Ave still had lots of business, Main Street had lots of shops & GoGo bars. Convention Hall was still a hub, I remember seeing the Temptation there. Springwood Ave was still a big part of the night life.


Name: Drusilla
Date: Wed Jan 14 8:45:59 2004
How Did You Find Us: just doing a search
Where Are You From: Neptune
Your Favorite Place: boardwalk & park across from boardwalk

I went online looking for some the history of Asbury Park. My parents moved to Neptune after my dad retiered from FT.Mommouth/Army in 1968.There was still alot going on then Cookman Ave still had lots of business, Main Street had lots of shops & GoGo bars. Convention Hall was still a hub, I remember seeing the Temptation there. Springwood Ave was still a big part of the night life.


Name: Tom
Home Page:
Date: Tue Nov 18 19:21:39 2003
How Did You Find Us: the web
Where Are You From: Michigan
Your Favorite Place: the world

just went too the metal fest in asbury .....didn't really know what too think of the place was all ran down and looked like a gost town ..but after talking too a few locals..i was told the town is coming back was a nice place ...... needs alot of work too make it all happen again ....i hope too come back some day and see it all up and runing good


Name: Vikki Horvath
Date: Wed Sep 24 14:04:25 2003
How Did You Find Us: msn search
Where Are You From: Hamilton, NJ
Your Favorite Place: anywhere down the Jersey shore

My co-workers grew up down the shore and I asked them what made Asbury Park deline to the horrible state it is in. They weren't absolutly sure so I decided to see if I could find out, and I found your site. It is very sad to read how it used to be compared to what it is now. I hope that efforts do work to fix the town back up.


Name: Christin Spigai
Date: Tue Sep 23 14:23:15 2003
How Did You Find Us: msn search
Where Are You From: Rockland County
Your Favorite Place: Macchu Pichu, Peru

I would love to see Asbury Park as a new and fresh town on the beach. The progress over the last few years has been wonderful. I hope to become a part of this community soon!


Name: Lori ( Morris) Templeton
Date: Mon Sep 22 1:16:24 2003
How Did You Find Us: Surfing
Where Are You From: Monmouth Beach NJ (living in Alabama, don't ask why))
Your Favorite Place: ANY Ocean, ANY beach

Wow! Great site thanks!

Growing up in the area in the 60's and 70's I have so many memories, the carousel (brass ring and all). Crusin the strip in our cars, sneaking into the stone pony (at 16).

I've been gone 20 years now. I was back 5 years ago. Wow what a shock! It looked war torn!! Went back 2 years later w/ my daughter to my 20th HS reunion. I started seeing signs of life returning.

I hope it’ revived! To be there again, by the sea, on the boardwalk, on the rides, that would be heaven.




Name: Dianna Dale
Date: Thu Aug 28 15:21:07 2003
How Did You Find Us: surfing net for history on Asbury Park
Where Are You From: New Jersey
Your Favorite Place: Passion Island

I recently have been given the opportunity to visit Asbury Park for weekend stretches (Dear Park to be exact). I must say, this is a town gone bad but tremendous potential! My gut feeling is that give Asbury Park another 20 years and one will see a revived and trendy community.


Name: Tony
Home Page:
Date: Wed Aug 20 18:31:11 2003
How Did You Find Us: net
Where Are You From: Pennsylvania living in florida
Your Favorite Place: poconos/asbury

i remember as a teenager going to asbury for concerts. seen a concert in all the venues from the stoned pony to paramount to the casino to convention hall. me and all my friends would pile into one room at the empress for the night after the show and then we either stayed around to enjoy the beach and everything else or head to the city for another concert. then in 1985 i was working in princeton and went to see what was going on there. sorry to say it was a bad scene.  Tony



Name: Sandy
Date: Fri Aug 01 16:54:39 2003
How Did You Find Us: surfing
Where Are You From: CT



Name: Debra Bischoff
Date: Mon Jul 28 13:54:44 2003
How Did You Find Us: msn explorer
Where Are You From: Vernon, NJ
Your Favorite Place: Palace Amusements

Driving home from LBI yesterday, I made a quick pit stop at Asbury Park to show my daugter the "best place on earth" to go to as a child during the 60's. I showed her the Stone pony which was about the only thing there for her to see. I was heartbroken to view the Palace with the caved in roof. As we walked through the convention hall, I remembered how nice and cool it would feel. It still did. Although it was like being in a third world country, It felt good to take a step back in time.


Name: Marie Bellu
Date: Sat Jul 05 17:51:30 2003
How Did You Find Us: internet
Where Are You From: Haddonfield, NJ

I think I speak for many when I say that what happened to Asbury Park broke my heart. I hope and pray that one day it can be restored from its current sad, ghostly state to the pleasant place it was for so many years. I don't think it can ever be exactly as it was, but, hopefully, they can revitalize it to some extent. One thing I have is my memories, and, thankfully, no one can demolish those.


Name: harvey rabenberg
Date: Tue Jun 03 14:12:15 2003
How Did You Find Us: search
Where Are You From: des moines iowa
Your Favorite Place: too numerous

as a young soldier in ww II i was stationed at fort monmouth n.j. and visited asbury park many times. our favorite quite probably was going to convention hall to see and listen to the big bands, strolling the boardwalk was also great relaxation for us. it was with great sorrow to see the ruination of a great place which held many pleasant memories for myself and some old army buddies i have visited with. hopefully this area may restored to its rich history and beauty.



Name: Julian Davies
Home Page:
Date: Sat May 31 21:35:55 2003
Where Are You From: wales uk

hope you dont mind me putting this message on here. I'm writing a book on bouncers/doormen if anyone has any stories or experience of bouncers/doormen please contact me. I'd really like to get as many good or bad stories that I can. Thank you. Julian



Name: kensrue
Date: Fri May 30 13:56:07 2003

On April 25th to 27th 2003 i was at Asbury Park for the annual Skate and Surf Festival held each year at the Paramount Theater! i love Asbury Park i think it's an amazing place filled with wonder, mysteries and history! For the town to rid New Jersey of Asbury Park is unspeakable and should never be brought up as a mere suggestion!!! SAVE ASBURY PARK!!! DON'T LET THE GOVERNMENT TEAR IT DOWN!!!


Name: meredith
Home Page:
Date: Sat May 10 22:44:17 2003
How Did You Find Us: search engine
Where Are You From: jersey shore
Your Favorite Place: no clue

i haven't been to Asbury park in almost 8 years. me, my aunt, my uncle and my older sister went to the carousel building. i thought it was the coolest thing in the world. the massive faces engraved on the sea-foam green and copper walls enchanted me. i totally disregarded the slums and poverty around me and was enthralled by the magic of the majestic building it once was. i am sad that Asbury park has crumbled down to what i is today , but i feel it is on the verge of coming back.


Date: Mon Mar 31 1:53:13 2003
How Did You Find Us: WEB SURFING
Your Favorite Place: DISNEYLAND



Name: Enrique
Date: Thu Mar 13 17:45:38 2003
How Did You Find Us: Google
Where Are You From: Spain
Your Favorite Place: La Coruna,Spain

I´m Bruce fan since I have 11 (1981).Some people from Spain will go to Asbury Park the next summer and we are very sad,because Asbury P is in ruins.


Name: Connie Davis
Date: Thu Mar 06 18:55:57 2003
How Did You Find Us: google search
Where Are You From: Cleveland, Ohio

This is a fabulous web site. I became interested in Asbury Park when I discovered that the "Long Beach" of the movie "City by the Sea" was set in Asbury Park. Although I have never been there, I remember my Grandmother telling me about summers spent at Asbury Park with my father and aunt in the 1920's! I did a google search to see if I could find out what happened-an oceanside city sliding so low is a real tragedy.


Name: Ben
Date: Mon Feb 24 17:57:29 2003
How Did You Find Us: websearch
Where Are You From: Asbury Park
Your Favorite Place: Asbury Park

I stumbled across your history of Asbury Park while doing research on the mayors of Asbury Park. You have done an excellent job summarizing our city.


Name: yvonne
Date: Tue Feb 04 14:31:57 2003
How Did You Find Us: web site
Where Are You From: maryland

i grew up 5 minutes from asbury park, on garvin ave,i cant get over how things went down hill, i hope all can be restored, i would love to bring my kids back with me, and show them the fun we had growing up.good luck asbury.


Name: john w
Date: Fri Jan 24 3:50:15 2003
How Did You Find Us: surfing
Where Are You From: colts neck nj
Your Favorite Place: The Park

I still have ticket stubs from rides in the Palace,also alot of pictures from the 60's to 85 it's sad to drive around Asbury now a days. When they said they were going to tear down the palace I took my Daughter to see it and filmed all around the area. Hope it comes back. It is unreal that ocean property anywhere can go to hell. I say claim emenent domain throw everyone out and start over.


Name: Cool Breeze ()
Date: Thu Jan 02 12:47:16 2003
How Did You Find Us: Surfing
Where Are You From: Everywhere
Your Favorite Place: Asbury Park

Good sight, brought back a lot of memories, both good and bad. Please remember that the Asbury Park Press was on Mattison Ave., and not across from Steinbach's on Cookman Ave. I was on the police dept., during the riots, and was in the first car hit by bricks that started this riot. A dark time for the city, and everyone concerned. Was born and raised in the city.


Name: R. Murphy
Date: Wed Jan 01 19:50:05 2003
How Did You Find Us: looking for Asbury Info
Where Are You From: NJ

It is sad to see what has become of my favorite childhood place. I still have a souvenier from 1966 or so, a ring I kept from the carousel not brass they immediately used to come and get them and replace them with your free ride ticket which We always walked the boards on Easter Sunday; moms in high heels with corsages were everywhere! My favorite was the boat rides in small tracks and the swan ride - where did it end up I wonder.

Thanks for making the site!


Name: Roy Harper
Date: Sun Dec 15 10:06:35 2002
How Did You Find Us: surfin'
Where Are You From: Largo, Florida
Your Favorite Place: inside my shell

Asbury Park was the place that made my Friday/Saturday nights special. In the years from '69-'73,

it was the 'Circuit' that provided 'babe-browsing', and seeing great bands in the clubs. The boardwalk provided cheap thrills with hooy-balooey auctions and rides that gave just enough thrill as to not put us on the verge of heart failure. Not too big and not too small - It was quaint enough to maintain its quality of an enchantment not found elsewhere.


Name: Private
Tue Dec 10 11:45:19 2002
How Did You Find Us: computer
Where Are You From: miami beach and asbury park
Your Favorite Place: lockarbor beach

Asbury Park will always be in my heart and mind with many good memories as I spent a good deal of my life there. I went to grammar school, asbury park high school and Monmouth College there. My family ran and owned Road-ad Sign manufacturing co with joint ownership in the family JP fuel oil company........yes I sincerely loved and miss Asbury Park New Jersey.....

P.S. I would love to know more about the area and the people.



Name: mike geldart
Date: Tue Dec 03 21:49:30 2002
How Did You Find Us: search engine
Where Are You From: wanamassa
Your Favorite Place:

great you have any information about the morro castle ship wreck?? It was in 1943 right out from the convention hall.


Name: Rocco Puzzo
Date: Wed Nov 27 19:21:35 2002
How Did You Find Us: Surfing
Where Are You From: Saddle Brook NJ
Your Favorite Place: The Auction

Asbury Park NJ has always been special to me. As a kid my family vacationed there every summer from the late 50s to the late 70s.It was so exciting coming off the parkway and driving across asbury avenue. I would be in the back seat of the family car hopping up and down as I saw the ocean pop up on the horizon. It was such a cool place and it brings tears to my eyes to see what it has become. REMEMBER THIS...IF TIME SQUARE CAN COME BACK, THEN ASBURY PARK CAN COME BACK.


Name: Darvin Adams
Date: Sun Nov 24 10:06:39 2002
How Did You Find Us: looking for weirdnj
Where Are You From: Neptune
Your Favorite Place: convention hall

growing up in the 60's, hangin out on the boardwalk, concerts at the convention hall,and the casino, and the jukes at the pony.


Name: ''Dezo''
Date: Wed Nov 20 15:49:00 2002
How Did You Find Us: browsing through
Where Are You From: Asbury P ark ,NJ
Your Favorite Place: Asbury Park!

It is really nice to be able to see the interest in my sweet old home town...once again. I love everything that is being done to bring back the city...Let's hope it will continue to do so and keep it that way.


Name: Nancy Sitar
Date: Tue Nov 05 18:38:41 2002
How Did You Find Us: a friend sent me this site
Where Are You From: Manchester by the Sea, MA
Your Favorite Place: convention Hall

Asbury Park was the place where we used to go during high school years. Convention Hall was the best. Every weekend there were big name celebrities singing and it was the inplace to go. It was the best.


Name: Stephanie
Date: Thu Oct 24 22:13:06 2002
How Did You Find Us: looked
Where Are You From: Hoboken, NJ
Your Favorite Place: The boardwalk!

My mother (carol) attended APHS and graduated in 1959- she used to work on the boardwalk serving ice cream - we still take to trip to asbury park to visit her old house- on asbury ave (which is boarded up)- and drive through the streets that were once part of a striving community- i remember my mother taking me to the fun house in the early eighties so i could enjoy asbury as she once did- i hope one day i will able to bring my children to the boardwalk and live my motheries memories-


Name: Debbie
Date: Wed Oct 23 20:30:09 2002
How Did You Find Us: internet
Where Are You From: Bradley Beach
Your Favorite Place: Seaside

I was Born in Neptune New Jersey but now live in Virginia Beach Va been out of New Jersey for 18 years when i come to visit i always make sure i hit Seaside plus my Favorite restaurant is Vics in Bradley Beach


Name: Chantal Spurgeon
Date: Thu Oct 17 9:49:19 2002

I have great memories of Asbury Park as a young child. I was born in Neptune, and lived down the boardwalk in Bradley Beach. My parents and I would often take a bike ride up to Palace Amusements, for a day of family fun. I was saddened to hear that the place shut down years ago. I never got the chance to return with my children so that they could share in a piece of my history.


Name: Michael Trasente
Date: Wed Sep 18 5:57:49 2002
How Did You Find Us: Yahoo
Where Are You From: Ocean Township, NJ

all, I have a certain vested interest in seeing Asbury Park come alive again. My wife and I recently purchased a home in nearby Ocean Township. Additionally, living in NJ all of my life, feel a certain nostalgia associated with the plight of this once grand shore community...

Hopefully, this resurrection will happen and once again a magnificent shore community will thrive once more!



Name: Harry Woll
Date: Mon Sep 09 13:20:36 2002
How Did You Find Us: Daughter in WI
Where Are You From: ND, NJ, now MA
Your Favorite Place: coast of Maine

Your story of Asbury Park is very interesting. We lived in Haddon Heights, NJ from 1946 to 1963 when our children were grade school. We visited all up and down the shore, and the little rivers in the Pine Barrens with our canoe.


Name: Joe
Home Page: MoJoeBlue
Date: Sat Sep 07 23:28:08 2002
How Did You Find Us: Google
Where Are You From: Red Bank
Your Favorite Place: Asbury Park

Great page. I remember Asbury Park from the late 60s to the mid 80s. The Palace was a great place to bring your girlfriend to. I visited the boardwalk today taking pictures and they make your 1997 pictures look like the good old days.


Name: Tisha
Date: Thu Aug 29 14:45:54 2002
How Did You Find Us: aol search
Where Are You From: Sacramento, CA
Your Favorite Place: Los Angeles, CA

I've never been to Asbury Park, but from the looks and sounds it seems like it could once again become a beautiful and productive town. I'm seriously giving thought to possibly moving to Asbury in the near future and hopefully can become a part of history in the making. Until then I hope the towns' people continue to support it's growth. Bless you all.

Name: Jim McCormick
Date: Mon Aug 26 20:04:14 2002
How Did You Find Us: Google
Where Are You From: Lexington, Ky
Your Favorite Place: Key West

We had moved to Ocean Grove in about 66 – I though Asbury Park was about the best place on earth. The boardwalk was THE place to be. In the summer of 69 I got a job working the Sky Ride. My love for the boardwalk grew. With the troubles in 70 and on, the place died. My last year in the "amusement business" was about 75. I had gone from running rides to hawking the “Bell”. Three shots for twenty-five cents. What did you win? The satisfaction of hearing it ring.


Name: Donna
Date: Mon Aug 26 8:52:46 2002
How Did You Find Us: surfing
Where Are You From: Upstate New York

My grandparents had a bed and breakfast in Ocean Grove in the early 1970s. I was a kid and spent MANY days on the Asbury Park boardwalk playing games and going in the funhouse{it was inside across from the casino}, riding the ferris wheel in the Palace and the roller coaster on the boardwalk. Great memories.


And a few entries saved from my original Geocities guest book... (from 1999 & 2000):

Dr. Pamela Jonasson - 05/04/00 16:11:09
Where Are You From?: originally and back regularly to visit my family..Monmouth County....New Jersey
How Did You Find Our Site?: used key word....Asbury Park, N.J.
What Did You Like Best?: Some pics made me cry...I grew up there and when I go back I always cruise thru Asbury Park and feel sick at what it has become...when I was about 17 I was a waitress at the Empress Motel....can you believe that!? I waited on the Marshall Tucker Band who were booked at Convention Hall...they gave me free tickets!
What Did You Like Least?: Well, I am almost 43 now...but I still go back to N.J. to see my mother, father and sister....I guess it is just sad to see the pictures about the reality of that area...I don't understand it at all!!


dave hosseini - 04/11/00 05:26:23
Where Are You From?: new jersey now ca/
How Did You Find Our Site?: surfing for asbury info
What Did You Like Best?: asbury, lucy, cats
Favorite Performer?: joan baez,springsteen
Favorite City?: seaside heights nj
what a great the boardwalk memories the spookiness of asbury today...the greatMathew sheppard image...thanks for a great site!!


Bob Dierker - 03/21/00 21:26:22
Where Are You From?: Long Island
How Did You Find Our Site?: eBay
Thoroughly enjoyed your Christian Admiral page! I stayed there several times in the late 80's, and did the same kind of "exploring" through the old bowling alleys, gym, library, etc. A little bit on the spooky side, a la "The Shining," but an unforgettable glimpse into the past. Very sad to see it go- it was the biggest bargain and most fun in all of Cape May! No phones, no TV and with the ocean breeze, no need for A/C. Thanks for keeping the memory alive. Bob Dierker


Tom Sherohman - 03/18/00 16:43:17
Where Are You From?: Columbia Heights, MN
How Did You Find Our Site?: link
What Did You Like Best?: History stuff, photos
What Did You Like Least?: nada
Favorite Performer?: Rufus Wainwright, Ella, Chet Baker
Favorite City?: New Orleans
What a great site! Thanks for all the work you've done, sharing all this wonderful stuff with us. I only got through about half of it, but I'll be back. I know that the gay history section is a link, but did you know that the guy who threw the pie in Anita Bryant's kisser was from the Twin Cities? I kinda wished they had mentioned his named (Thom Higgins) 'cause he was a friend of mine, is no longer with us, and was a fearless activist when I knew him.


Anthony Rowland - 02/29/00 18:23:09
Where Are You From?: Alexandria, VA
How Did You Find Our Site?: Doing a hotel search
What Did You Like Best?: The historical overview of Asbury Park
Favorite City?: San Francisco/Los Angeles
Thanks for putting in great publicity regarding the good that the Gay and Lesbian community has done for Asbury Park. It is not often that you see a positive comment about the gay and lesbian community and the work they put in to making and keeping communities safe and clean places to live.


Anita Myers (Betsy Ross) - 01/16/00 05:15:18
Where Are You From?: Maryland
How Did You Find Our Site?: eBay Cape May link
What Did You Like Best?: Christian Admiral story
What Did You Like Least?: nothing
Favorite Performer?: Steve Hall - pianist
Favorite City?: Cape May, NJ
I wept on the site of the demolished Christian Admiral. A battle was lost, but the final war will not be! I picked up several tiny pieces of the once great structure, brought them home & placed them in my garden. Oh, the awesome memories and joy of servi g God that place gave. I could write volumes and maybe will some day.


Carol - 11/27/99 03:34:45
Where Are You From?: Philadelphia, PA.
How Did You Find Our Site?: Ebay
What Did You Like Best?: The information on the Christian Admiral
What Did You Like Least?: Nothing
Favorite Performer?: Peter Gabriel, Macy Gray, Etta James . . .
Favorite City?: Philadelphia
What a great page about the Christian Admiral. I remember renting a surrey every so often with my little brother and "driving" it down to the Admiral. There was always someone outside willing to share a story or two about the Admiral. I must admit I enjoy d the few ghost stories the most. A young woman that had attended the Christian college in and behind the Admiral had lived in the Pink House which at the time was a dormitory. She was climbing in a window after being out with a young man staying in the A miral to avoid being caught by the RA (house mother). She fell and ended up dying from her injuries. Her ghost is a fixture in the Pink House. But, on some nights her spirit can be seem walking the streets searching for her lost love. She was even spotted walking the porch of the Admiral the summer before it was demolished. An older walking the streets that night told the woman to get off of the porch she was trespassing. He continued walking but seconds later turned to tell the woman to get off the porch gain she was gone. If there are ghosts may they haunt the land where the Admiral stood forever.


MJ Waugh - 08/22/99 13:32:48
Where Are You From?: Ordinary, Virginia
How Did You Find Our Site?: Looking for The Admiral WW1 info
What Did You Like Best?: The photo and history
What Did You Like Least?: I wish there was more history...especially about the time period of WW 1
Favorite Performer?: The Beatles, Allman Brothers, CCR, Lyle Lovett, John Prine, Tom Waits, Randy Newman
Favorite City?: Sligo Ireland
I was happy to find this site! When I first enlisted in the US Coast Guard and was sent to boot camp in Cape May (1977), my Grandfather, who was a World War 1 veteran, told me about a hotel where he "convalesced" after being wounded in World War 1. My Grandfather was wound two different times (he was 16) but the second time he lost his eye to a snipers bullet. He sailed home and stayed at the Admiral. When I got to Cape May, I quickly was engulfed by the Drill Instructors, and I never had a chance to go into town to visit the hotel. When I stood my lonely Southwest Gate watches (in below freezing weather) I could see the Admiral from a distance. I knew my Grandfather was proud...he was a soldier his entire life, even though he never could wear the uniform again. I finally did visit the Admiral in 1992, and it was an amazing experience. I could feel the presence of my Grandfather, who by this time was long gone. I could almost see the the recovering soldiers, looking out the windows toward the ocean, and the c passionate nurses tending to their horrible wounds. I returned again in 1998 to show my wife the Admiral. It was gone. What a heart break. Thanks for letting me share this. MJ


debbie ache - 07/28/99 17:26:11
Where Are You From?: Newark Delaware
How Did You Find Our Site?: typed in christian admiral
What Did You Like Best?: the history stories
What Did You Like Least?: need to explore more
Favorite Performer?: Bob Carlisle
Favorite City?: Cape May
Hi, I went into your Christian admiral sight. Years ago my step-father worked as a maintenance man at the Christian admiral hotel, 1980-1983. I lived in Cape May during the time, we were housed in what is now the Angel star of the Sea from 5 t0 7 Trenton Avenue during those years. I had wondered what had happened to the old hotel why it was not considered a historic landmark and saved thanks to your website now I know. I miss living in Cape May. and I have to tell you the music you selected to play while the photo loads tugs at the heart strings. I was lucky enough to live right across the street from the beach for years in Cape may. Lack of jobs forced my family to relocate. enjoyed your web-site. Debbie Ache P.s we have a cat named Holly who looks just like Patches


rick & ron - 07/25/99 03:30:29
Where Are You From?: minneapolis now Toledo ohio
How Did You Find Our Site?: Thru the Dj Lon site
What Did You Like Best?: Club review and your lovely pussy.
What Did You Like Least?: nothing...
Favorite Performer?: who?
Favorite City?: minneapolis on sunday night about 2 years ago.
ever been to ohio? Other than that i love your site, I like your club reviews, I wish someone would have done reviews of where to be on what night in minneapolis when i lived there. Well there you go maybe you can get a place in the lavender lifestyles as their reporter of the clubs...I think minneapolis could use some like the 2 of you guys...Keep up the good work. peace from toledo,ohio


Stephanie - 06/08/99 21:28:45
Where Are You From?: Dilworth, Minnesota
How Did You Find Our Site?: search engine
What Did You Like Best?: I enjoyed how many different things you have to read about, look at, etc.
Favorite Performer?: Prince
Favorite City?: Either Mpls. or NYC
I just wanted to let you both know that I really enjoyed your site! You have done a GREAT job!! I wasn't able to look at everything this first visit, but I will be back. Take care Stephanie R. in Dilworth


Tamora Hovde - 05/20/99 17:35:40
Where Are You From?: Baldwin, WI
How Did You Find Our Site?: Chris (of course)
What Did You Like Best?: The pic of Chris in the tutu
What Did You Like Least?: That Brent's info is not updated (i.e. job)
Favorite Performer?: Bette Midler
Favorite City?: Chicago
I really liked your site. It is very interesting and has inspiring words.


Steve N Jeff - 04/21/99 05:29:21
Where Are You From?: St Paul
How Did You Find Our Site?: Your email to us
What Did You Like Best?: I don't know, doing the guest book first.
What Did You Like Least?: same as above
Favorite Performer?: Loreena McKennitt/too many to name
Favorite City?: Barcelona/Stockholm
We'll let you know what we think and how jealous we are that we haven't got our own site up yet after we finish viewing yours. *grin*


Keith Turner - 02/23/99 18:23:53
Where Are You From?: Vermont
How Did You Find Our Site?: your Xmas letter
Hi guys, Just stopped in to say Hi! and check you out.


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