Check out my Playhouse Pub page - the short-lived nightlife venue of Southern Vermont (2003 & 2004) that I owned and operated as part of my Inn.

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80's Retro Video Mix



 Professional "Video Specialist" - All Genre's, All Styles
Over 20,000 Licensed Video's from Sources Including Promo Only, ETV, RockAmerica, Screenplay, Telegenics and Wolfram Video.

Imagine a Video Collection for any function --- A Family Reunion, 50th Wedding Anniversary, Sweet 16, 21st Birthday Party, A Church Retreat, Benefit Event --- Even a Video Wedding!

Maybe a Retro Party (Pick a Decade - 70's, 80's, 90's)?

From the Latest Club Video's by Lady Gaga, to Classic and Vintage Performance from Greats Such as Judy Garland and Elvis Presley.  Easy listening favorites like Brandi Carlisle and Bette Midler.  Even Entire Theme Nights featuring Hours of Video from Performers like Madonna & Michael Jackson - or a tribute to the Golden Girls.  Visit me on, Facebook, or Vimeo for a limited collection of  vintage home video, and various video editing projects!

drakkar91 and vj chris on YoutubeLest we forget a Huge Collection of Broadway Showtunes, Rock N Roll Greats and Comedy Clips!

Add Exclusive Remixes, or Personalized Creations Using Your Own Video or Images --- Even Old VHS Reels and that huge box of Photo Memories Can be Digitized!  Enjoy live performance, or take your memories with you on DVD - or via your computer.  The opportunities are endless --- with a Professional Video Editor and Entertainer!   

The clip above is a creation I crafted recently featuring One Direction.  From emotional video productions, to club remixes, the opportunities with video are endless!  From a simple collection of photo's to full video mixed with audio and on-screen effects and text.

If you're thinking video, think vj chris --- contact me today!

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