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Note: Connexions became Switch Nightclub, under new ownership in November 2006.  This review is from 2004.

"Hot Music, Hot Boys"

Connexions is an amazing find in Northern New Jersey, an easy drive from Northern NJ cities, and New York City.  Easily accessible off Interstate 287.

The Friday night dance party is first-rate: DJ Joey spins the newest dance and house music that MAKES you want to get on the dance floor!  An excellent light show, the DJ uses everything he has to make this THE party place.  The good-size dance floor allows for plenty of hot (and not so hot is okay too) men and boys.  Towards the DJ, a raised platform offers eye appeal for those a little more timid - lads moving and sweating (most without shirts) to the beat.  Everyone appears to be having a FUN time.  To keep everyone on the floor, a service bar can be found in the same room.  The high ceilings add to the sound and light show quality.

If you need less thundering music, or don't feel like moving on the dance floor, the bar/club also features a front bar with (I'm guessing) about 25 seats at the bar and tables.  There's a pool table and an outdoor patio area.  If you find the man of your dreams, you can choose to bump and grind with him on the dance floor, or find ample space to sit ... and talk.  This is a nice advantage of this nightspot.

Only 4 years young, let's hope the club can survive the long-run.  My first visit, on the Saturday night a week before, while still fun, lacked the energy and people.  Not sure why this is, it usually works the other way around.  I see no reason why this hot spot should not be equally exciting on Saturday nights.

The crowd is mostly men as you approach Midnight.  On both visits, women made up a fair number of the crowd early.  Both sides seem to mix well.  On Saturday night, DJ Jimmy spins more popular (and slightly older, i.e. late 90's) music, and takes requests.  Each DJ provided their own add-ons to the lighting and effects show.  The women tend to stay a little later on Saturday.  The age ranges from under 21 to plenty of men in their 40's who still enjoy a fun night out.

The club is clean and fresh, with well-lit bathrooms on the lower level (none on the main bar or dance floor levels).  Dining is offered Tuesday through Saturday.  You'll have to call to confirm hours.  The web site is not current, so it provides outdated information.  Ample parking (some in the main front lot) and plenty (I am told) in the rear transit lot (there's a walking tunnel right under the train tracks).  Like any club in a smaller town, watch out for local police when leaving.  Designate a driver if you can. The party goes until almost 2am on weekends.  According to their ad in the May/June '04 edition of MAPP, the club is open 7 nights a week (4pm to 2am) with other events like Tuesday Night Country Line Dancing, Miz Mona's Follies on Wednesday, a Thursday Reggae HIP/HOP Night and a BBQ on Sundays.

The Final Word:

A 4 & 5 star place (if I rated them all 5 stars, they wouldn't have anything to reach for in this, their 5th year of operation).  THE place to party!

Here's what I had to say to some close friends:

"Dorothy's Not In Vermont Anymore!"

After a nearly 4-year hiatus from clubland, Chris ventures out into the world of pounding music, strobe lights and, last (but not least) hot sweaty boys!  On Friday night May 21, I located myself at Connexions in Boonton New Jersey (yes, Boonton, I know it doesn't sound as exciting as New York City).  But after a few nights at the Rainbow Lounge in rural Vermont, it almost felt like I was at a White Party!    Dragged on by the incredible music and upbeat feeling, I found myself on the dance floor for nearly 2 hours - enjoying the music, the lights, and the boys - especially those on the platform in front of me - let's just leave it at "Happy Trails"!  After a few songs, a "kid" (it's 18 and up) decided to join me, he introduced himself and after a few moments of grinding, asked me my age!  I told him "older then you think".  Some more moments passed, and now I realized his attraction to me - I was over 21 and had access to a full bar!  NOT going to happen.  He eventually moved on.  That's ok, Mom would have never approved - too much eye liner.  Several other youngsters moved about the floor that night, and each time I would make contact, I couldn't help but smile at the fun I was having, and the foolishness of my desires.  I enjoyed a fun time, smiled a lot, and thought of years past and all the friends I have made through time.  Thinking most would have enjoyed this night as much as me.

And then, I realized: "Dorothy, you're not in Vermont anymore"!  Party, play and enjoy it!

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