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Unique Glimpses INSIDE The Hotel & with Dr. Carl McIntire!

Admiral Interior

Welcome to "Anita's Page" of my Christian Admiral Collection.  Anita took time to email after visiting the Christian Admiral collection to share her memories of the hotel.  After corresponding for just a few weeks, she sent me a few personal images that she scanned.   Her collection was so "unique", I decided to display her collection on it's very own page.  Anita, thank you for sharing your memories of the hotel.

Here is the very first image she sent - a wonderful multi-view image featuring the luxurious interior of the hotel.  The grand staircase, the fine furnishings, the massive columns in the dining room and lobby.
(Photo to Left)

From 1971, a photograph of Dr. Carl McIntire with Anita posing with a replica of the Liberty Bell which was given to the Cape May Bible Conference (Photo to Right)

Dr. Carl McIntire with Anita

Anita in costume as Betsy Ross with Becky & Diena standing on the grand staircase at the Christian Admiral

On a float in the Patriots' March for Victory Parade.  Many people only knew Anita as "Betsy Ross"

On The Grand Staircase

Betsy Ross on Float

Great architecture was a trademark of the hotel.  Here is a glorious image of the Tiffany Dome over the Main Lobby (Photo to Right)


"I had to share something with you about the hotel that I don't think too many people ever noticed. On the lower level entrance, under the great concrete stairs to the upper porch entrance, stalactites had formed in the cracks of the concrete structure. They were about an inch or so long. I always felt it beat the theory in the head that it takes a million years to get one to grow one inch! Man thinks he knows so much -- but I think God laughs at us sometimes. He is the awesome one."

- Anita Myers

Tiffany Dome

Tuesday February 08, 2011 02:04 AM