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The Driveway to the Inn

Lighting Your Way

Walking Up the Driveway

The Inn Comes Into View - Breathless

No Trespassing Sign

Grand Front Porch

Fire Escape

Building in Rear of Inn

Stunning Sky Meets The Shining

Behind the Old Inn

Built Around 1900, Falling into Despair

From the Rear

Glory Days of the Past...

A "New" Playground?


Lake in Back of the Campbell Inn

Pathway to Lake

Pool in Distance

If Walls Could Talk...The Campbell Inn

Tennis Court

Blowing Through Broken Glass

The Office (Rear of Inn)

The Front Entry, Campbell Inn, Roscoe NY

The Inn, Catskill Region of New York, in Roscoe

Staff Quarters for Patrick Swayze Type Staff

Tennis Court


Looking Inside View Through Window


A Lobby Area

Dining Room

On the Grounds

From An Angle

Maginificent Campbell Inn of Roscoe New York

Lamp Post with Broken Glass


The Campbell Inn Sign

Welcome to the Campbell Inn Roscoe NY

Signage On Roadway


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